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Thread: Good Rock Racers?

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I wanna be Dave
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Default Good Rock Racers?

My local track has just started doing some U4 racing. I have a Yeti but racers just getting into this dont want to spend a fortune like I. (admit it, yeti needs some love out of the box)

Anyway,we are trying to make this as friendly as we can for people just getting into it. I have pointed people to the many kits Axial has as well as the TwinHammers,and Traxxas Telluride. Our goal right now is to keep it simple so this type of racing can grow. We are laxed on the rules for now and as/if it grows we will adopt U4 rules.

What other kits,rtr's would be good for tis style of racing I might of missed?

Thanks Geo
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Default Re: Good Rock Racers?

Awesome Geo! You are approaching it in the right way. We agree with clubs running a modified versions of the U4RC rules to better suit the what stage of growth your local U4 scene is at. If we were "rules Nazi's" it would stunt growth at a local level for sure. All we ask is that racers understand that if/when they attend a fully sanctioned U4 event they will be required to meet and compete according the current U4 rules. Also, keep an eye out in the near future we are in discussion about releasing an expanded class structure that hopefully opens the door up to more rtr/entry level racers.

As far as kits go, your recomendations are "spot on". There are several affordable rigs available from Axial that are directed toward rock racing. The SCX10 Deadbolt, Wraith "Spawn" and the Yeti kit version are probably most adapted to U4RC racing. The Twin Hammers is very competitve in 1.9 Comp class, kit versions and used TH's are usually affordable. We don't recommend racing with "Chinese Knock-off" rigs. Althought they may fit within specs the quality is almost always crap with little to no aftermarket support. Not to mention 99% of them are complete rip-offs of another entities hard earned creation. A "No-No" to us here at U4RC.

Thanks for your efforts to bring U4RC to your neck of the woods!..... Jerry
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I wanna be Dave
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Default Re: Good Rock Racers?

Thanks Jerry for the quick reply. As of right now the track races the usual flavors of offroad racing, 1/8 ebuggies 1/10 buggies both 2wd and 4wd,st truck,sc trucks both 4wd and 2wd. We are building the U4 section so it doesnt interfere with the current offroad but does use portions of it. This way we keep both sides happy.

Ill try to get pics up. RFor now here is a pic of my yeti at the track.

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Default Re: Good Rock Racers?

Castor and Thunder Tiger both also make rock racer rigs.
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Default Re: Good Rock Racers?

Whereabouts is your local track? I'm lookin for a place to race u4rc around me I'm in SE Pennsylvania.
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I joined the Band!
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Default Re: Good Rock Racers?

How about the unlimited class any racers out there?
What are you using in the unlimited class?
I built one but haven't raced in a U4 event yet.
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