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Thread: On the fence about getting the Twin Hammers?

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Default On the fence about getting the Twin Hammers?

I was just wondering how everyone liked their twin hammers? I really like the looks of it and from the videos I seen it looked great,but im just not sure.
I was wondering about the front diff. Now I seen in videos it slipping as it try to climbing through rocks and stuff like that,,which is fine because I dont think this should be a pure rock crawler,But I see people are buying a locker "im assuming like whats in the axial?"
Im sure that really helps it climb and get over things,but my question is what happens to the high speed and bashing performance once its locked? I would think that would be hard on it taking some jumps and things like that,wouldnt it be best of both worlds to just add some really heavy grease to the diff instead of locking it?

The other thing that put me off the twin hammers was the smaller pack,So the hammers cant fit a regular 2s hardcase lipo in it?

Im probably gonna sell off a few of my older rc's to buy something else,perhaps a TH,but not sure. I have a SCX10 Jeep,Just got my son a wraith. Im really liking the wraith but if need be Even though its my sons I could always trade off with him or just borrow it if I go out without him,so im not sure about buying another wraith. But we have been scale trailing and really enjoying it so what something that will fit in that category. Just looking for opinions,if you think the twin hammers is good out of the box or needs tons of upgrades or mods to be decent? Got a lot going on right now and cant afford to buy a rc and dump a few hundred into it to run well
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Default Re: On the fence about getting the Twin Hammers?

I was in the same situation as you were a month ago or so. My decision was between a wraith or twin hammers. I have to admit I haven't had a ton of run time with it, but I have had some. I think as an all around jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none type of vehicle this thing really excels. It can do some decent rock crawling, but it won't compare to a wraith or dedicated rock crawler. I have 500k weight diff oil in my front diff to tighten it up yet allow some movement and this really helps. Bare in mind that the diffs come only with some light grease in them so it is possible that some of the videos you have seen are box-stock and that would account for a lot of front wheel spin on rocks.

It does do trails really well, has great articulation, and can handle speed really well, that is what I like about it, it is a good versatile vehicle that can do a lot of stuff.

I think it is a very capable RTR vehicle, the stock electronics are decent, but like any RTR eventually the stock stuff is going to wear out or disappoint if you are used to higher quality stuff.

The other really cool factor is the amount of aftermarket support this thing is getting. There has already been a pretty big explosion in aftermarket support, hopups, add-ons, etc. and I see that continuing!

My personal thoughts, if I could do it over again? I would probably go with a wraith. Like you, the battery issue is kind of a big deal for me. Although shorty packs are cheaper, I still have several good quality full size packs that are not doing me any good so unless I spend more money on battery packs I am stuck with the included battery (which is a good battery btw) because I have spent the rest of my budget on upgrading the electronics.

I know many will disagree, but those are my thoughts.
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Default Re: On the fence about getting the Twin Hammers?

there is a 7.4 4000mAh 2S 30C Lipo, 96mm with EC3 connector... I have 2 of them along with the stock 2000 mAh 2S that it came with. Depending on what kind of mod I'm in when I take my hammer out for a run.. I get about 40 to 50 minutes per pack or longer. The stock pack runs about 20 to 30 minutes. There is a difference between the power you get from the 4000 mAh to the 2000 mAh which i'm sure you are familiar with. I enjoy my hammer every time I take it for a run. Still running the stock electronics, but have some stuff on hand when it does go.. I'll be ready to get back on the trails and hills/rocks in no time. also have gone thru wheel/tire upgrades and replaced the stock rear shocks with some Gmade Piggyback 103mm.
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Default Re: On the fence about getting the Twin Hammers?

all I can say is when you decide which side of the fence you want to be on... watch your nut sack on the way down!
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