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Thread: 2 early VTH RTR. Need advise

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Default 2 early VTH RTR. Need advise

So, a few years ago, I bought both my daughters there own twin hammers. They have both been problematic with all the known issues. One daughter is completely uninterested and one is still kinda interested.

I have one in running condition but the trans doesn't shift right, the other has a busted front diff, didn't shift right and the steering servo is toast I think.

So, I'm willing to spend the coin to turn these both into solid runners but have been out of the game for a while. Can someone offer a list of what I'd need to build 2 solid all around rigs. I know vanquish and GCM are 2 names I've come across for building these up but I think I need to start from the electronics up. Would be mainly bashing with a hint of scale look. Any help would be appreciated.

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Default Re: 2 early VTH RTR. Need advise

LOL. Follow his lead: bilinvic's Twin Hammers

The GCM parts are scarce but you may be able to find them. Or message onecool54@yahoo and he had a small stash of Derwood vertical front mount plates. Maybe has a couple left. They're a simple design but a PITA to bend right. You may wanna ditch the 2 speed as well and eliminate that headache.
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Default Re: 2 early VTH RTR. Need advise

You can still get GCM's Front plate from their web store ( GCM Webstore Canada International - Vaterra Twin Hammer Buggy ) and body parts from their Shapeways store ( https://www.shapeways.com/shops/gcmracing ).

While you're on Shapeways, check out Scortched Parts, they have some interesting steering and front suspension parts for the TWH and a steering rack for the GCM front plate. ( https://www.shapeways.com/shops/scorched_parts )

I'm sure there are other suppliers, but can't think of any right now, morning coffee comes before brain is fully engaged...

Good luck with the rebuilds.
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Default Re: 2 early VTH RTR. Need advise

Sounds like you donít need to worry too much about chassis mods to get you going. The upright shock mod is not something that really Ďneedsí doing.

For the electrics your choices are set by budget. If you think you are going to get lots of use out of the rigs - splash the cash. Going home early with a broken rig is no fun.

As a brushless motor enthusiast, iíd recommend the latest castle creations sensored combos. If itís any where near your price range, you wonít be disappointed. Great for crawling, great top speeds, waterproof, durable and good customer support.
I have the mamba x and 3800kv Ďslateí motor - itís perfect for the twins.
The Mamba X is good because you wonít need a seperate BEC to run the steering servo - saving cash and complexity.

Iíve found the TH is not really that steering servo Ďhungryí. Whilst my Wraith with 2.2 size wheels eats good servos for breakfast, the TH demands less. Iís say any steel gear servo in the $80 - $100 is going to be more than adequate.
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