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Thread: Fallen's 3rd (and final) Twin Hammers

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Default Re: Fallen's 3rd (and final) Twin Hammers

Originally Posted by smog View Post
I have a classic 3 gear in one of mine as well. Cannot take credit for the 3d printed adapter, it was a Shapeways piece if I remember correctly.

What are your steering bellcranks from?

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Default Re: Fallen's 3rd (and final) Twin Hammers

Blue Monkey. Sorry to side track your thread Fallen

When I see the camera mounted on the driver's shoulders I can't help but imagining a servo underneath. Allowing you to look left and right as you steer
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Default Re: Fallen's 3rd (and final) Twin Hammers

No worries on the thread hijack. Just because I started a thread doesn't mean I get to tell people what they can or cannot talk about.

And it would be nice to have my camera pan left & right with steering inputs. I haven't been in enough situations where I needed it that I've sat down and tried to figure that out yet.

But there has been a time or two where a look over the shoulder would have been helpful.
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Default Re: Fallen's 3rd (and final) Twin Hammers

Nothing particularly new here, as Sand Scorcher bodies on Twin Hammers isn't an original idea here. But I warn the Sand Scorcher afficionados: avert your eyes! You're about to see a hack job. This was my first time working with a hardbody, and it looks like it.

Everything started out peacefully enough. But I knew from the several other Twin Scorcher builds that modification of the cage would be necessary to fit this body. I'm not about to cut up a discontinued cage, so I decided to cut the body up.

I decided to use some Plastic Weld to reconnect those fenders to the hood. I used some bridge pieces to help strengthen the joints. I also bought some putty that I thought I'd use to make the joint disappear. I never ended up using it. Maybe on subsequent hard bodies I'll get that involved.

I'm glad I finally did this. I've wanted to put a Scorcher body onto a Twin Hammers for years. To help clear what's left of the fenders, I went down to 1.55 wheels & tires. This wheel and tire set came from a 1/10 Element. I initially bought the wheels for my Yeti Jr, but they ended up being way too big for that. I pretty much put the Scorcher body on just so I'd have a reason to put these wheels to use.
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