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kgb424 10-19-2016 02:02 PM

Need some one that can edit SLT files for Shapeway and need help
I need someone that has software for 3D printers and can edit a SLT file, so it still able to uploaded to Shapeways and printed

I have a STL file that was sent to me of windshield for my Hasbro Willy Jeep

I want someone to make the top corners of the frame square

And also make the glass opening square and adjust the top and bottom of the glass to match with the opening of orginal windshield

With the corners square and the glass opening square and spaced correctly

It would look like more like the original Hasbro Willy Jeep windshield

I could then add a strip of styrene down the middle and make it a split window

I used a online viewer to take pictures of windshield from the file sent to me

And 2 pictures of a Hasbro Jeep and how it should look like

I would pay some one to modify the file or print me a squared up winshield

I loaded the file on Shapeways and it is printable and passed the file check

I don't own or know how to use the software

Hoping some body can help me out

oldcoopdog 01-19-2017 11:58 AM

Re: looking for someone to 3D print me parts
im not sure if your still looking but i can help with that.

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