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Thread: Nutpocalypse 2016 CANCELLED

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Default Nutpocalypse 2016 CANCELLED

Sadly, it is apparent that this run will not get close to the minimum number of units needed to make this run: 1st day's total is always most of the sales, and I cannot justify the investment of time and resources needed to make these happen. I am very sorry to those who have paid, you will get an immediate refund. I am no happier than anyone else, my apologies. Chris REC

Otay! Here's the Deal! I get regular requests for my various axle nuts on a weekly basis. Some cry, some get mad & some resort to making truly depraved offers in exchange for items from my personal stash (Not really.) So, I have dug up the CAD files for ALL the nuts we've ever offered, and decided to spring them on everyone all at once, at a GREAT price, even less than we've charged in the past! You can even get FREE Sets! This is truly a once-in-a-blue-moon chance to stock up on these unsung but vital upgrade pieces. Are they a final finishing touch, or the 1st thing you should do so at a glance so your ride does not scream "TOY'?

There are 6 different nuts available, and all have a couple things in common- They are ALL M4 x .07, standard thread for just about all things these days, but double-check. And they ALL come in sets of 4 mmmMMDuh! All also cost the same.


CLOD SPIKES- These are the ideal size for trucks running large wheels, a full 1/2" at the points & .630 long. They have a press-fit standard nut with a Nyloc washer installed so they won't come off while running. Regular nuts are comically small & un-Manly for such trucks. These may be your single favorite part once you mount a set up, no more 'Weenie' nuts ever again!

VINTAGE KNOCKOFFS- These mimic the aftermarket nuts from the 80's, but have a timeless look and complement many cars very well. Simple and clean.

MILLED KNOCKOFFS- These are one of my most requested nuts: They have an elegance and delicacy that kills on the right vehicle. One of my favorites, I'll be keeping a few sets for M'self!

CLASSIC UNFLANGED- It was brought to my attention that the Tamiya guys really like these, but could not get 'em- These were only available with a set of wheels I did a while back. They fit nicely in many wheels, and some decals (Like the Porche ones) fit in the nut's center. They are engraved with 'REC' for great looks either way. Pressed-in Nyloc nut for running.

CLASSIC FLANGED- My most all-purpose nut. Great for just about any application. Awesome on Scorchers, Scorpions, maybe the new Optima? Pressed-in Nyloc nut for running.

WARN/8-BOLT MIXED- These need no introduction. Oh wait! You've never seen these? Then I'll introduce 'em- These were our very 1st product, and have been re-issued several times over the years. I tried to retire 'em but the requests keep coming in, so....These are very scale, with front Warn 'locking' nuts & rear 8-Bolts. Pressed-in Nyloc nut for running. Custom wrench (Included) engages the faces of the nuts so it is not obvious how they go on & off. Definitely one of our Best-Selling items, I always get Emails that people are sorry they didn't buy more once they see the detail- This is not just hype.


Product Pics - cazan


* As the PP links never worked all that well, All payments are now sent in USD directly to my Paypal address, chris@rogueelementcomponents.com (Copy & paste address to avoid misspellings.) Free shipping in US.

* International orders will be charged a flat $8 -This covers a whole order regardless of how many are shipped- Who loves ya?


1- Get on the cut list with a non-refundable deposit of $5 (per set) by March 12th. I will then send you a 'Balance Due' (to the SAME Paypal address ONLY) the deposit came from, just before they're ready to ship! Easy!


2- You can also just pay in full up front, just add $8 for Int'ls, to the total. Simple!


Price per any 1 set (4) is $25.99, OR any 2 sets for $50, or 5 sets for $100! That's a FREE Set on top of quantity discounts, so Mix & Match!
Do NOT send as 'Gift', and be SURE I have your shipping address!
Only US Dollars accepted
Ship date is 'Estimated', as I never know how many I'll be making


We are a specialty manufacturer that does NOT maintain an inventory, and most items are never re-done again. Please submit your deposit/payment by midnight the 14th of March (12 days): I'll already be cutting, so if you're not on the cut list, you'll very likely miss out.

Feel free to Email with any questions or suggestions, I value customer input!

Many Thanks,
Chris Cazan
Rogue Element Components
Paypal/Email address: chris@rogueelementcomponents.com

Deposit Due/Order Cutoff date: March 14th, 2016

Estimated Shipping Date: April 15, 2016


The usual stuff, just post here and one lucky winner will score a FREE set of nuts of his/her choice! Just do it by March 10th, and check back then- The winner must contact me within 7 days wkith an address or NO SOUP FOR YOU! Simple enough? Best of Luck! Chris REC
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Default Re: Scale Axle Nuts Re-Issued and GIVEAWAY! Nutpocalypse 2016!

Awesome. Those are very cool!
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Default Re: Scale Axle Nuts Re-Issued and GIVEAWAY! Nutpocalypse 2016!

Fantastic craftsmanship! In, thank you.
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Default Re: Scale Axle Nuts Re-Issued and GIVEAWAY! Nutpocalypse 2016!

Hell yeah i'm in
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Default Re: Nutpocalypse 2016 CANCELLED

I'd be down for a couple sets and I know a few local guys want a set or 2

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