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Jamithan04 04-30-2016 06:48 PM

Hi everybody, I kinda hope this section isn't too deserted would love to have input and suggestions.
So I got a creeper the red one around the time when they first came out, I believe. Ran it mostly stock except for the stage 2 suspension upgrade that I did my self. Well as time and life went on I kinda fell out of the crawler and rc world for some years and just in the last 6 months have gotten balls deep back in only to realize that venom is no longer as well as the creeper. Wanting to get my oldest son into rc crawling or rc in general I thought hey rather then drop the coin to get him his own rc I can just rebuild the creeper for him. Then the scouring began and I found a creeper rolling chassis with a home made tube body for fairly inexpensive. My plan is to rebuild my, (red one) using the green one only for spare parts, as well as use the body, hopefully
So it will have an intengy 55t motor that's it for electrics not sure as far as what else. Don't want to get to out of hand considering there is a chance that he won't even dig the crawling scene. Any way here is some pics with more to come. Let me know what you think

Just as soon as I can figure out how to post pics

viper6171 05-04-2016 01:44 AM

Re: 2 becomes 1 (I hope)
welcome back .........there are still a few of us die hard creeper fans around , yeah parts are hard to come by . i have stockpiled some parts for my personal creeper comp rig and the creeper based scaler my son has . you just have to keep your eye out for people selling them or parts .

Jamithan04 05-11-2016 07:38 PM

Ok I think I figured out how to post pics

The 100 dollar creeper


Then my orginal next to it, hoping to have a nice pile of spare parts after the build


Here's a flex shot with the body painted


And kinda a side profile, still have to get the panels painted,have them cut and ready, just need to hit the paint booth. There's still also a bunch of little details here and there that need to be addressed, but my main goal right now is to get it running and functioning by my sons birthday, may 31.


Only downfall I have come down with a cold which I normally don't get, but when I do I get REAL sick

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