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Thread: venom steering

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Default venom steering

New guy looking to see if there is anyway to get some more steering out of the Venom. I have searched and haven't found much. Do I just step up and get a dig unit? I think I have seen them on amazon.
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Default Re: venom steering

Out of the box the steering isn't half bad on the Creeper, but make sure you look at the pins and axles to make sure they aren't binding. You can see what I mean in my thread here:

C*H*U*D's Creeper
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Default Re: venom steering

If you arent doing comp stuff, try having the rear diff unlocked. Really helps turning radius, and if you have enough flex you wont break traction too often. An open rear diff can even act like a dig or over/under drive, letting the rear slip a bit so the front can find traction to pull you up. If you haven't jb welded it or got a spool, try it out, its honestly not a bad thing! It'll also save those precious cv's and ring and pinions
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Default Re: venom steering

I have a Losi mini crawler with locked rear axle. Do you think unlocking it as you have advised might help my steering radius too? It's ok but want to get it better without spending much. As to better steering for a Venom Creeper, I've been advised to do the Axial XR mod. Plenty on doing it on various threads.
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Default Re: venom steering

I am not sure there are any parts available to give a Losi Mini Crawler an unlocked differential. The case would be suited for Mini LST gears but the mini LST and the mini crawler have different outputs from the diff, I have both Mini Crawlers and Mini LSTs.
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Default Re: venom steering

Your steering is pretty close to maxed out, unless you want to grind the cvd's. But if you do that, the extra few degrees you get will put a lot of stress on the stock pins. If you have the skills to adapt the xr shafts, it will give you a few more degrees and hold up. Iirc though, the stock creeper already has 43 degrees of steering. I run a dig unit on mine, with diff locks f/r and it turns great.
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Default Re: venom steering

Unlocking the rear diff would definitely help your steering on the losi, but i have never had one so cant help you with parts for doing it sorry. As for a creeper, there isnt much you can do other than unlocking the diffs. If anyone does find a cheap/ simple to DIY way to run another brand of axle shafts, please let me know cause im running out of spare shafts, and will have to break up one of my running creepers to make spares for the others soon :(

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