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Thread: The Rock Yard Challenge - 2nd Annual Event

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Default The Rock Yard Challenge - 2nd Annual Event

What - The Rock Yard Challenge 2nd Annual Event
When - Saturday, May 14th 2016
Where - Asheville Stone & Grading - 1003 Charlotte Hwy. Fairview, NC
$10 Entry Fee - Goes to pot for winners
On-site BBQ vendor will be there for food all day long
Driver Check-In - 8:30am - 9:30am We will kick it off at 10am SHARP!
Classes - ST Class, 1.9 (Class 2), 2.2 (Class 3)
Cash Pay-Out; $30 for First, $20 for Second, $10 for Third (Of EACH class) +Trophy for First Place +Sponsor Prizes

OK Folks! Its here again! The owner(Matthew Dean) of Asheville Stone and Grading in beautiful Fairview, NC has offered his place of business and his excavators for use of building the course. Our first annual event here was absolute blast and great success. We were able to present Matthew with a RTR SXC10 for allowing use to run here, and we also had a attendance of 60+ drivers!

The date is coming up quick so mark your calendars, you wont want to miss out on this! There will be a on-site BBQ vendor for your food needs all day so bring some extra change for dinner. We will be building the course with a assortment of large boulders, dirt, wood and of course the very fun water feature up front! This will be a G6 Style event cut into 4 sections and will only be able to run 1 class per driver. Looking at 100+ gates of epic fun!

Entry fees will go into the Cash Pay-out for First, Second and Third place of each class. A trophy will be presented to the First place drivers of each class and Sponsors Prizes will be raffled off to drivers with a ticket given at sign up. So Far Scalerfab has donated a Great assortment of prizes including $25 - $10 cards and a amazing Full Armor Package with a retail value of $120's!!! RC4WD is on board and sending out a Great package plus number decals for each driver at signup! Proline Racing has jumped on board and is sending out a package of stuff valued at $138! Add another big name to the list MIP said they would be happy to sponsor! Another great company is sponsoring the event, thanks to RRW down in Florida! Cant thank the sponsors enough, another great name is sponsoring us, TJ RC Products makes awesome brass tubes. Another great local name is on board they provide 1:10 and 1:1 products, Krawl Off-Road down in Anderson, SC has joined the sponsors! We also have urScale Banners sponsoring! A good local guy who makes really cool scale banners and signs. Another great sponsor, Slingshot RC Products. They make some slick looking upgrades, check em out! More and more great sponsor keep coming on board. First up GMade is on the board! They make some nice rims and other great parts as well as the Sawback! Next up, FreqESkinz has offered to join, Really freakin cool skins for rigs, radios and more! Another awesome name Robinson Racing is willing to sponsor us. Check em out I run the full steel transmission gears that take a beating! Also, AMain Performance Hobbies!! Great company that has TONS of R/C related products from Helis to Crawlers. And ATees has graciously hopped on the sponsors list! They have a Massive stock pile of products for all kinds of R/C's at great prices! Also joining the list Robinson Racing is on, they make some hardcore strong gears! Also up is JEC Racing is sending out a nice package they machine out some real nice parts for you bomber guys. JConcepts is a go they make some great race stuff and also some nice crawler bodies and tires. Next up AMain Performance Hobbies is on the sponsor board they have massive stock pile of parts rigs and everything else! Also sponsoring is Bull Rope, they make the toughest recovery ropes which your gonna need to pull you and your buddies through the gates. Phoenix Design LEDs is a sponsors for the event. The brightest LED light bars out there, light the night and blind the competition! Also joining the sponsor list is, Duratrax! They make some nice batteries, chargers and all kinds of short course stuff. We also have Maclan Racing joining the group of sponsors. They make some top notch amazing Motors and ESC's!

So hope to see everybody there and hopefully meet some new faces as well. This was a awesome event last year and we really hope to top what we delivered last year!

Tow Strap Required
Waterproofing Recommended, only for a very short period....but pretty deep if you don't make it ;)
Winches Recommended, Can only winch from Natural Course Objects, No penalty for using to winch yourself or a friend.
Penalty Winch, If you absolutely cant get past a gate. Hooking a tow strap to your vehicle and pulling it across the gate, will incur a -20 pts penalty
Rollover Penalty, If you or a fellow driver can not right yourself you may use your tow strap to roll back over in the same spot it will cost you -5pts
All classes will run at the same time, with the course divide into different starting sections.
No Hand of God (Unless your about to snap a axle or break some parts from a bind, will be deducted -40 pts)
Gates are live all the time even when progressed through. ALL parts of the gate are live at ALL times, if you roll into three gates you already passed down a hill well... -30pts
Both Left and Right side gates are live and individual meaning if you hit both sides of gate 13 you will be deducted -20pts (-10 per side)
All Gates must be progressed through in forward motion, no reversing through gates or skipping gates you must take the winch penalty.
On or Off course repairs are not penalized just finish on time or incur unfinished gate penalties. Chassis, Axles, and Tires must remain the same throughout the entire course.

Team work, team work, team work
Please respect trail courtesy and give your fellow drivers some room before getting behind them attempting a obstacle, and in return if you have tired the same obstacle
more than 5 times Please allow the person behind you to attempt it. This will help keep the flow much smoother and fellow drivers can help out once they past a obstacle.
Kids of all ages are welcome, but please keep in mind this will be a rocky course and they need to be watched at all times.
Parking in front of Asheville Stone and Grading and to the left at the Garden Spot or if its all full on the side of the highway...
There will be a Bounty Run, $1 gets you 1 Timed run at the end the entire pot goes to the fastest time.

Course will Start @ 10am and will End @ 5pm. Bounty Run from 5-6pm and Awards at 6pm. Course will have multiple start points to get everyone in the action right away. If you get there
late and miss the start that is fine we can start you at any point during the day, BUT at 4pm time will be called there will be a 10 minute wait period
and Final time will be called. Any unfinished gate pairs will incur a -5pts penalty. Time does NOT play a roll in your score, so drive wise.

Drivers will start with a 0 point score, Penalties will deduct from this starting score, Highest score wins. Items might be on the course that could add to your score +10 in your favor.
You will score yourself, this is on the honesty system so please play fair and fellow drivers keep a eye out.

Lets do some good while having a of fun, schools will be letting out about this time and a lot of children loose a daily source of food. We would love to make a donation to a local charity to help out in the time of need. Any Canned Food or Non Perishable Food item will get you +40pts to your score card at drive check-in. There is a Dollar General right across the street from the event.

Gate Hit -10per each side of gate
Rollover Penalty -5
Winch Penalty -20
Hand of God -40
Out of Time Gates -5 for a pair of gates
Hidden Objects +10
Canned foods +40

Class ST
4.19" Max tire size
No lugs cut, siped, or grooved
Any wheel size allowed
Inner tire cannot extend past door panel
No Motor on Axle
Rail Chassis Only
No DIG / Rear Steer

Class 1.9
4.75 Max tire size
Any wheel size allowed
Inner tire cannot extended past door panel
No Motor on Axle
Rail Chassis Only
No DIG / Rear Steer

Class 2.2 / RunWhatYaBrung
No 6X6s
This class is more relaxed on specs as we want everyone that doesn't fall quite under the specs to be able to run.

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Default Re: The Rock Yard Challenge - 2nd Annual Event

Current Drivers List (in no particular order)

1.Brandon Delcambre (Not Qualifying)
2.Kimberly Delcambre (Not Qualifying)
3.Brett Zachery (Not Qualifying)
4.Jeff Fox
5.Steve Hannah
8.Bobby Fowler
9.Charles Wright
10.William Topping
11.Ivy Hall
12.Tony Hurayt
13.Dave Harrison
14.Chevy Wright
15.Ernesto Marquez
16.Larry Morris
17.Fred Beiner
18.Adam Coleman
19.Corey Shafer
20.Terry Cheatham
22.Andrew Marquez
23.Zachary Hannah
24.Lee Hicks
25.Matthew Dean
26.Jason Sparks
27.Donnie Bell
28.Joseph Dunlap
29.Joe Caponero
30.Jesse Scott
31.Bill Collins
32.Colby Hensly
33.James Fraisher
34.Sam Stone
35.Nathan Faircloth
36.Kamper Kev
37.Robert Wise
38.Michael Lackey
39.Bobby Hill
40.Jeff Dobbins
41.Jessie Chapman
42.Lee Hicks
43.Bad Apple
44.Virgil Toms
45.Justin Koone
46.Nathan Godfrey
47.Dakotah Presley
48.John Vickery
49.David Richardson
50.Austin Coffey
51.Casey Laws
52.Jennifer Lynn Bebow
53.Keri H Melton
55.Don McAtee
56.Dawson Lovette
57.Conrad Sean Harrison
58.Gerald Grassie
59.Charles W. Taylor III
60.Timothy Caison
61.Jeffrey Godfrey
62.Sammy Godfrey
63.Amie Joy Flowers
64.Rob Mathews
65.Amanda-Mary Panda Mathews
66.Robbie Payne
67.Marcus Moore
68.Mathew Anderson
69.Kevin Tipton
70.Andy Wilson
71.Andy White
72.Ray Mayfield
73.Sean Harrison
74.Jason Beaty
75.Treavor Westfall
76.Brett Sturgeon
77.Joshua Cail
78.Eric Welham
79.Dave Hanshaw
80.Daniel Miller
81.Daniel Scot
82.Jared Freeman
83.Knoxx Payne
84.Winslow Clarke Dean
85.Brandon Kelly
86.Brittany Bellew
87.Scott Rector
88.Adam Rector
89.Phoenix Rector
90.Quantis De'ance Anthony
91.Bob Stone
92.Mac Mcbride
93.Robby Stone
94.Jeff Benton
95.Steve Troxell A
96.Steve Troxell B
99.Alex Laws
100.Keith Lewis
101.Jason Gentry

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Default Re: The Rock Yard Challenge - 2nd Annual Event

Getting Close
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