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Thread: Wisconsin Crawling (6 pics)

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Default Wisconsin Crawling (6 pics)

Yep me and my buddy Soya drove 130 miles north yesterday to the best crawling area in the Midwest, Devils lake. Devils lake has the largest amount of rocks I have ever seen pretty much unlimited rocks. The rocks are huge and quartzite. The rock surface is very slick unless it has some green deposit stuff on it then it was like 40 grit sand paper. We where at the park for over seven hours we never got bored do to the large amount of rocks. Several hikers and onlookers where very impressed with our trucks. Overall I would say that this was a great trip and we are planning to go again next month or when possible.

Soya's maxx rig broke several times mostly do to being the maiden voyage for the truck. Soya striped a ball cup off of the lower steering link. Then his cvd drive cups set screws loosened up. I think I broke 3-4 heavy duty dubro composite servo horns on my home brewed stick clod. Soya broke like 4-5 horns. We brought all the tools we would ever need so we could fix about anything.

I wish I would have taken more pictures of the huge massive VW size rocks by the shore line but my cameras LCD display cracked when it was in my pocket so I wasn't sure it was working.

Here is near the top of the hiking trail we unpluged and parked the trucks for fear of glitching and falling a hundred or so feet off the cliff.

Soya taking a line on a rock.

Same rock only me with my home brewed stick with a different line choice.

Soya tackleing the huge crack with obvious danger he made it through fine though.

Roots that where fun to drive over.

Slick rock

Next time we plan on using Aluminum servo arms. Sealing Soya's tires for air so they don't run flat and squirm all over the place. Wide maxx wheels to cope with Soya's high CG. Stiffer shock springs on Soya's rig, it was to loose like. Maybe put some more grease in my clod axles my truck was really loud roaring around. I also slipped and fell and broke Soya’s transmitter antenna. Next time we will maybe rent a hotel for two days of fun.

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Going back the 2nd gonna be awesome.
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i take little weekend cruises up in that general area quite a bit.

next time you go shoot me a pm. cant make it on the 2nd but after that.
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