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Thread: X-crawler, gear problems.

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Default X-crawler, gear problems.

well i got my x crawler friday and put it together last night but it was midnight so it was too late to run it. so first thing this morning i decided to try it out and 1 hr on it i had 1 front and 1 rear 8t/34t inner gear's spin in eachother . man after all that work of installing the electronics and adjusting everything just right then to have to park it was very dissapointing :-(. i just emailed HobbyPeople about it so we will see what they will do for me. other than that i am very happy with the setup.

by the way the picture of the truck on the front of the box that i received was Yellow. wasnt the yellow one the one that had the fixed problems?
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i had that problem also these gears are so under engineered,designed etc
this gearbox wouldnt even be suitable for a 2.2!!
i have the "yellow" box version and also NOT happy with it
pretty sure this is what happened to yours also these are the two gear sets from 1 axle the inner one cant handle the torque
i dont see any galling of the larger gear at all except at the very edge
also note that the shaft is only 3mm! come on really 3mm
these should be 5 or 6 imo this isnt even pinion gear suitable
at this point the gear ratio is way!!!! to much for such a small gear
this is how not to design a gearbox lesson
myself as well as all x-pos owners should demand that they fix this major design flaw,was any testing done at all?

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i did end up finding a fix for the gears.
1. i took them apart.
2. cleaned them up with acetone.
3. removed some of the bluing.
4. pressed the gear back in.
5. tig welded the back side.
6. carifully sanded the weld flush.
7. re blued then re installed. i have not tryed them yet in the truck but it looks like a good fix. i will post some pics if needed ;)

also i was thinking of installing 4mm, or 5mm shafts for the inner gears.
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Default Replacement gears are on the way :)

I sent XTM an email on Saturday and got a reply today. I asked if they had solved this problem and had replacement gears for sure if one is sh*t then the rest are too. So much for the yellow box being the newer version. I love the crawler and would never send it back, The gears are the only issue I can see for now.

"Hi Kevin,

Sorry to hear about the problem with your gears. There was a problem with some that the factory did not press together correctly, however it has been fixed. We will gladly send out a set of four gears for you, what is your mailing address? "

It is somewhat good news.

I am still going to try to braze my gears. I will post some pics after.

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cool. i contacted them too and they sent me the new gears. what they did is took the gears that they had problems with and pressed some small punches all around the small gear on the big gear to make it expand and grab the small gear. it still seems cheezy though. ill still weld them to be sure
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