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Thread: Yet another Electric X

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Default Yet another Electric X

So, after getting my NN built up this last winter, I started in on converting my X to electric, until funds got tight. So far, I have built a ladder frame (still using factory X-factor alum. sideplates), 4-linked the axles, mounted a 'pede trans (need to remount) with revo shafts (still need to drill the pinions). Now I just need to tie up the loose ends, clean up my few mistakes, and get this pig going

So I guess I need to get a motor for it, anyone have anything to say? I really dont want to run a gd-600, and I do want to use one of the esc's I currently have (fut 230cr/evx; evx is now on NN, but could be pulled to run dual futaba's for fr/rr burn on NN). If I run the futaba, I can only run 5-6 cells, which works better for my plans. But I'm not sure if I can get enough wheelspeed out of a lathe with 7.2v, although with no gd-600, maybe I can? (which lathe motor should I try for this?)

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For that size i would go with a 55 or 65 turn motor.
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what size tires are you going to run ? You almost have to run a gd-600 in pede on the bigger trucks with maxx size tires and bigger. It's not hard to mount gd-600 in a pede, just gotta be willing to hack up the case, I had 55t lathe but it didnt have the power to bump over stuff, switch to a 65t and help out alot help, but then I dont need alot wheelspeed.
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Yes, this truck will run maxx tires, but I just don't have the space for the gd-600. Right now, the trans crossmember is just wide enough to fit the pede trans, with maybe 1/8" clearance on either side (and I plan on the battery pack being directly above the motor, which means the motor can't move up either).

So, maybe I'll try the 75t lathe? On my NN, I have the 65t lathes on stock gearing, and I like the wheelspeed. On the X, the trans gearing isn't as deep as the clod axles, but it does get compounded by the ~3:1 axle gearing.
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