November 2016
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2011 Top Truck Competitors

This years Scale Nationals competitors have been chosen by the members of With 615 forum members voting for 10 trucks it was a close battle. 22 different trucks entered the drawing this year to see if their rig would get voted in.













Zach Chatelain (Just Zach) winner of last years TTC event got an automatic invite for this year, but that still left 10 drivers and 2 alternates to enter the event to see if they had what it took to have a Top Truck. The ten drivers are Ryan Gerrish (RBGerrish), Norm Hoppe (Team3six), Patrick Hardesty (666), John Ripplinger (SDSCustoms), Ryan Overbye (Big Baller), Tommy Regan (Tommy R), Justin Nelson (Justinart24), DJ Colquitt (ColquittCustoms405), Lance Parker (MadScrambler), and Tim Samuels (Warpig). The two alternates are Dean Hsiao (Chino63) and Jim Hand (MiniWheeler). Congratulations to everyone and I can’t wait to see these rigs tear it up!


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  • seabeejeep says:

    Congrats to all the finalists. Sad we couldn’t see just one of the Utards compete.

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