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A new rig from Axial?

Tonight I got home from work and running errands and sat down in front of my computer to do some catching up on RCC.  I did my nightly rounds on all the sites, then like I always do I headed over to the Axial blog to see if maybe Brad has built something new or added any new tech.  To my surprise I see a new article about Racers Only Motorsports Designs







I’m a big fan of Racers Only Motorsports Designs in fact so much so that just in the past few weeks I took delivery on a drawing Rory Ward did for some new shirts we are having done for our sister site, RCShortCourse.com The new article in Axials blog is really awesome and goes into a lot of the history behind Rory and Racers Only, and touches on some badass desert vehicles.  Here are a few of the pics from Axial.

See the latest and Discuss this new vehicle in this thread.



Old School Walker Evans fan drawing

Rorys first race car the Trophy Truck Killer

Old School Nelson & Nelson Team Chevy driven by Larry Ragland

Rorys badass prerunner once owned by Walker Evans



Now we’re getting to the point that made me rush back over here to RCC and do this article.  Here’s a pic of Axials Rodney Wills going over something with Rory.


Rodney and Rory collaborating on something evil?



Could Rory be doing some new stuff for Axial?  Some spy drawings?  Kickass box art?  I read further into the article and the last line reads “WILD CARD: How cool would it be if the drawing Rory was working on is a new rig for Axial? How about those green apples!?” Oh crap, they are working together.  Let’s look at that picture and see what we can figure out.


Something new from Axial?


Now from working with Rory myself I know he always tries to be very correct in his artwork.  He wanted pictures from me of the exact truck I wanted him to draw, “just do a short course truck” didn’t work.  He wanted to see the exact suspension so it could be correct.  Looking at this drawing I can tell for sure that it’s of an rc vehicle.  The a-arms and knuckles scream RC.

Looking at the other side I can see the side of a front diff, and an axle shaft!  Oh yea, this thing is 4wd.  Now is it going to be a desert racer?  Maybe a short course rig?  A KOH type rig?

Oh wow, now I am getting excited, look at that killer body!

Can it have a solid axle in the rear?  Oh please tell me!

Damn it, I can’t tell from the drawing!  It just doesn’t quite show.  I tried all my Axial contacts, Matt goes straight to voice mail.  Brad hasn’t returned my call.  Rodney is busy with dinner.  Brandon is getting his weekly pedicure.  Or all they all avoiding me because they know I am going to hound them for info?  Am I just reading way too much into this, did Axial just stop by for a “visit” or were they there working on this new project?



Spunkysandoval on the forum pointed out this picture I totally missed.

Look there on the right, is that a CAD rendering from Axial.  Let’s spin it around and zoom in.

Now that we can see that, I am leaning towards an IFS rear, but still not totally sure.  The shocks for sure look like Axial, and I think with this rendering laying there we can confirm they are in fact working on something.



So I was just scanning facebook and noticed Rory posted this:

“We did some work for Axial racing (Radio Controlled cars) and Brad, Rodney and Scott came out to Arizona for a visit. They were nice enough to do a little write up about Racers Only and a little of our history in the sport of Off Road racing. They have a pretty trick line of off road type RC vehicles, including some very cool rock crawlers and soon to be released concept off road racing type vehicles. Look for more info to be released at SEMA!!!”

So he just confirmed that he was doing the drawing for Axial,  and that they’ll have some new “concept off road type vehicles” debuting at SEMA next week!



Just had this picture sent to me, looks like these are the tires for this new beast!  Hankook Dynapros!  I wonder if the little Tanner Foust character is a clue to the livery?  This wouldn’t be the first time Tanner dealt with Axial.



Check out these latest pics from Axial’s photo stream.

Looks like some awesome new scale tires!

Nice action shot!

“Abstract detail with dust aftermath surface treatment.”

Rear wing? Does that mean this thing can fly?

Axial EXO Terra Buggy side vent

And a couple of photo’s from Axials web site

“The product has been blessed by a Baja Champion.

Rory Ward of Racers Only: cartoonist, communicator and “historian” for the off road community, has given his blessing to the EXO™.”


And one of RCShortCourse’s members (DylanICON) posted this today.

“Hey I thought you guys may want to see this. I am friends with a couple of the guys from Axial from way back (worked on some desert race trucks and rally cars with them) and they were nice enough to infect me with the RC bug . They have been hinting about a new vehicle but wouldn’t say much till a couple days ago when they brought me this! I was sworn to secrecy until today when it could be reviled here at the SEMA show. It is a very cool machine and I couldn’t wait to leak some pics!

A couple of months ago I met Brandon from Axial (the designer of this car) when he came to a shock dyno seminar I had at my facility. We have been talking alot since about the parameters of vehicle dynamics and what does and doesn’t correlate between scale and 1:1. As soon as I get back from SEMA we will be making a fixture to mount RC shocks on my full size shock dyno so we can see how RC shocks behave compared to the full size race shocks . We will let you know what we find out!”

20 Responses to A new rig from Axial?

  • Will says:

    Damn it.. I just ordered a wraith! Looks like its time to start saving again!!

  • Marvin Raspers says:

    1] How do YOU know that CAD drawing is from Axial?
    2] This Rodney from Axial may not know CAD from a hole in the ground.
    3] Axial makes rock crawlers and a rock racer.
    4] As stated in the story, Rodney dropped in on him and we see other drawings; all of which is different client work. I heard a rumor that Kuster Shocks where coming back and working on a large tube design with all the bypass tubes set inside, thus looking like a rc shock.
    5] Maybe Rodney is shooting photos, thus doing homework for a future project.

  • Jason says:


    1. Just a lucky guess.
    2. I am guessing Rodney doesn’t know CAD, he does know marketing though 😉
    3. Axial also makes lots of other stuff besides Crawlers and a rock racer. Ever see their nitro motors? Pipes? Tools? Bodies? ect.
    4. Those Kuster shocks sound cool, it thats the case with all the tubes inside that spring would have to be HUGE to fit over it all. Also look at the a-arms and upper control arm, no way those are 1:1 parts.
    5. I’m pretty sure Rodney is doing work for a future project.

  • B-rad says:

    Wouldnt an “independent rear suspension” be IRS not IFS? Just a thought, what about a “large scale” buggy?

  • C*H*U*D says:

    Great write up Jason! I finally scored a set of Wraith axles, but I think I’ll be buying this one complete. Hopefully it will be out by next spring and I can get it for my Birthday.

  • Marvin Raspers says:

    Anyone go read that “desert location scouting” thread link from the Rory story? See that shoe photo… “The desert takes toll a on Scott Roberts shoe! Look closely now… critter in the background….”
    That looks 5th scale to me… what about you guys….

    like C*H*U*D said, “Be back in 6 months”

    I have food packed for a long hunt! Popcorn is not going to last long enough….

  • rckjeep says:

    The last picture almost looks like an actual picture with CAD body panels laid over top. It’s freaking sick either way. B-rad, I caught the IFS/IRS thing myself. Great article Jason, love how much effort you took investigating this. I really hope it’s not 5th scale as I couldn’t spend that kinda cash. If they stick with some 1.9’s and build a rig in 1/10th scale I’d have to have one.

  • It looks alot like a IFS rock racer like Jerry (the DMG) and others have built for customers… Maybe AXIAL thinks that IFS Rock Racers are going to be a new and huge hit with its customers. Also is it possoble that a IFS only class could be in the creation? Cant wait to hear more on this.

  • CM_113 says:

    if they build it. i would buy it, period. got an ax10, saving fora wraith, have to start saving for this also

  • will says:

    Just putting it out there Marvin thats all…

    my wraith is almost here… taking the long trip from the states to australia lol

    “If” they build it I’ll add it to the new collection…
    kit form of course!

  • Spiike says:

    even if axial puts out a 90mph dirt dragster gasser id still buy it, i NEED a XR10 and a Wraith! whatever axial builds, they’ve got creative minds, intuitive thinking, and some crazy engineering goin on even i don’t understand LOL. I enjoy my scx10 and NEED at least 4 more!

  • HaSharetz says:

    Look’s like a desert buggy. Seem like the next logical build. they have a crawler, a rock racer, now they need a go fast desert buggy

  • Gary Miles says:

    I will say my Wraith is the last R/C I need. Then again I said that when I had an AX-10 for my crawler. Said the same for my XR-10. And blah, blah, blah. So….

  • wobbygong says:

    Looks good,great idear,some one had to do it,i just hope they get it done and out there dont just sit around with there hand down there pants teasing us

  • mrhobby100 says:

    First day of SEMA is in the morning. So who is gonna go and get some spy pics of what axial is gonna show off.

  • mrhobby100 says:

    If they already have licensed tires then it looks like they are pretty close to a release version of whatever vehicle it goes on.

  • reddevildemo says:

    It’s true
    AX90015 Axial EXO™ – 1/10th Scale Electric 4WD Terra Buggy – Kit


  • Gary Miles says:

    If it 1/5 scale maybe its gonna be teamed up with the Castle kit or someone else building a 1/5 scle brushless motor.

  • kevin says:

    this thing screams for short course paddle tires!!!!

  • David says:

    I am pretty new to the rock crawling game, I have gotten my hands on a used AX10 scorpion crawler. In the past year I have done some major up grades, the chassie to the suspinsion and motor to servos and a dig unit. Ilike to paint my own bodies, but the one body I would like to get 2-3 bodies is the B-17 Betty. To me this is a classic mix of old school and new school design. I would much appreciate some information on this body. Thank you!!! One more thing, is ther any rock crawling compotions in the Southwest to mid Missouri region, Please let me know. Thanks agin.

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