Axial Wraith test drive

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Hooked up with Brandon from Axial and a bunch of the Norcal crew for some scale crawling and fortunately for us Brandon brought Axial’s new scaler the Wraith. The Wraith had a┬áMamba Max Pro ESC with a 4500T brushless motor which are not stock, the tires and wheels seen in these pics are also not stock. I got to drive this awesome new scaler and all I can say is when do I get mine! The rig was an absolute blast with that much wheel speed and challenging to keep it on it’s tires when cornering making it in a class of it’s own.

I’m also working on the video coverage I took of the Wraith. I’ll post it as soon as it’s done, for now, enjoy these photos.

Thanks to Axial and Brandon for letting me beat on their new rig, it was well worth the 2 hour drive one way to get to the crawl spot!






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