October 2016
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Axial XR10 Heavy Duty Gear Plate

Axial has announced the much anticipated  XR10 Heavy Duty Gear Plate. The plate is precision machined from durable billet aluminum and is 4mm in the heat-sink / motor mount area. The finned heat-sink design disperses heat faster due to increased surface area. The motor mounts directly to the 4mm heat sink section for both rock pounding durability and quick heat exchange for all day driving. Another great way to bullet-proof your XR10!






-Includes 3ea 5x9x3 flanged rubber sealed bearings for increased strength and durability
-Two AX30787 plates required to complete one XR10
-Bearing seats are recessed and shielded from the elements
-Incorporated heat sink for increased heat dissipation
-CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and hard anodized with laser etching for durability
-Slotted for easy gearbox maintenance and removal

Available from Axial

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