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CarterFab’s Wraith Body panels

RCCrawler has tons of amazing vendors making anything you could dream of for the crawling world. CarterFab is one of these great vendors making some original products for the Axial Wraith.

Here is what he is making:

My main product will be custom Wraith skins. They are made from .025 3003 improved strength aluminum and I try and hand pick my material to get the best looking stuff. All my stuff is hand made and usually one off. If you want to be different give me a shout and I’ll see what I can do.
All sides have the front firewall wrap.
Roof panels are available full length or half. You can also have the standard front brow or a flat brow.
All orders are made to customer specs. Any door cut is available on any set. V cut, radius, or straight.

Panel Prices
Roof: $12
Half roof: $ 8
Rear cover: $15
Rear tray: $10
Filler: $ 3
Deluxe boat sides: $15
Std. sides: $30
1 piece sides: $50
3 piece sides: $40
Spartan: $75
Full side: $50
Front inners: $ 5
Rear inners: $10
Add std. boat sides to side panels: $7.50
Custom sides start @ $50
Shooter Fab hoods:
Plain(stock style) $40
Cowl hood $60

Most orders, even multi panel orders ship for as little as $5 conus.
Outside orders contact me for a quote on shipping.

20 Responses to CarterFab’s Wraith Body panels

  • Andrew Baisley says:

    I’m getting ready to do a wraith build and really like your products. Do you have a website I can look at for some more info?

  • Clay Carter says:

    Wow thanks for the plug Ty. Just trying to do my part to keep this hobby moving forward. My username is CarterFab and you can check out my Facebook page link in my signature.
    Clay Carter
    Carter Fab&Machine

  • Quiel says:

    Do you have a website

  • john says:

    I would love to see you make these for the Exo Terra. At least the roof panel. And extend it slightly for use without the lightbar maybe even going down the windsheild a bit like a true desert rat sunshade.

  • Alex says:

    How can i order those panels?I totally love them.But could you explain what are some penals look like and were they go on the bodey because some of the i have never seen.Nice job

  • Troy Esche says:

    looks good

  • juan says:

    hay i was just wondering if u could weld me a roll cage and if u can that would be great

  • Josh says:

    Do you have a website by any chance? I’m very interested in this product.

  • John Miller says:



    Need complete set with roof and cowl hood and 3 piece back front and rear inners. Need two seta, enough for two wraiths. Could you email me pics of a complete vehicle with the panels as ordered? Can I hane these pices of aluminium Anodized???? What about camo coated?? Look for your reply. Thanks Lynn..

  • Dan says:

    Hey, very interested is ordering a set of sides from ya. If you could please email me and I can arrange payment and shipping address. Thanks, Dan

  • vince ada says:

    hey….i am interested in buying some of your products and i wanted to know if you ship to Guam through usps

  • hollwood20 says:

    Can I use Novak timbuck 2 esc w/ 13.5 ballistic motor and still get the power boast perfotmance, even though I don’t have the “ballistc crawler motor?” Thanks

  • Joe Harter says:

    I am looking to redo the outside of my wraith and I like the side panels that are fitted behind the rear shocks and the cowl hood! can you send me some info on these parts please!

  • Clay Carter says:

    Hey guys, Clay here.
    If you want to order panels, the website is You can pm me here on RCC under username carterfab, or email me @ I ship worldwide but the website is not setup for that in the shopping cart right now. If you are international, please email or pm your order, or you can order the parts online and I can send a separate bill for the shipping.
    Carter Fab & Machine

  • mike karki says:

    i am wondering on what is what pics with labels prefered i am interested in doing up two wraiths. E-mail me with reply thanks

  • Nick H says:

    How much for the panels in image 39de91ef and do you have my pictures of them?

  • garrett long says:

    how can I get a battery cover to go in the back of an axial wraith?

  • Daniel La Rosa says:

    I just got an Axial Wraith and I’d like to purchase a custom body from you if possible.

  • Ross r says:

    Hey dude I saw a pic of ur yeti with the metal behind the cage it looks great !! I was wondering if you can make one and what’s the cost ? Thank you and hopefully we can talk soon.

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