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Currie Rockjock Axles by Vanquish Products *An RCC Exclusive*

Vanquish Products has stepped up huge with this newest offering, Fully Licensed Scale Versions of the ever popular Currie Rockjock Axles.  These new axles are sure to be a huge hit with everyone in the scale crowd.


I’ve been told that these will be out just in time to get them under your Christmas tree.  They are loaded with features not only will you be able to choose the diff cover of your choice, but you’ll also be able to select from XR-10, Wraith, or AX-10 tube widths and mix and match for centered diffs, lefts, or rights.  If you look closely Vanquish Products was even able to replicate the welds from the 1:1 axles.  These axles also feature a replaceable delrin skidplate for bashing them on the rocks!

33 Responses to Currie Rockjock Axles by Vanquish Products *An RCC Exclusive*

  • toka100 says:

    those look really nice. kinda hate to know the price but i might have to get a set anyways

  • will says:

    Those are bad. Finally someone offers in different widths.. I know the old lady is going to punch me in the face after I get the bill from these… Waiting… Haha……

  • Just went on sight to pre-order (depending on cost) and couldn’t find them as of yet. I will be back again tomorrow, these are a must have woohoo

  • Wiking says:

    Wow.. I need one set front/rear asap.. :) But how do i mount my 3-link and panhard ?

  • Gary says:

    You guys do amazing work. These axles look great.

  • Dtempleton says:

    I think I’m in love

  • jarvis says:

    you guy’s at vp are top notch what are these going to run? dont care im geting a set.

  • Norzepol says:

    These will get under my Wreckluse!!

  • Raceaholic says:

    Wow. Great job yet again Vanquish. Amazing machine work. Thank you!!

  • These axles, like most other VP products, are absolutely gorgeous…homerun.

  • Charles Sloat says:

    I want a set! Where do I get them and how much are they?

  • Big Mike says:

    HO-LEE-SHITE!!!! :) And Wraith width?? Damn it I gotta have a set of these for my 1:6th Willys…

  • steve says:

    Who do i contact for a set? How much, and when do they get released?

  • Max says:

    They look awesome!

  • Ron Lloyd says:

    These are awesome, when will they be available? Thanks

  • Matt Bryan says:

    And Boom goes the dynamite!

  • Steven Bittick says:

    I’m in for a set. I hate you guys for makes suck awesome stuff. When are these due to release?

  • Joseph says:

    Deffinetly want a set wish I knew the price so I don’t ask for anything else for Xmas! Come on guys email me when there ready awesome job!

  • "FLYING.FINN" says:

    My very first post/thread here on RC Crawler asks, “Which axles should I get for my new Wraith?” .. Integy or Vanquish? … WELL!! .. I think my question (and prayers) have been answered,…” VANQUISH!!!”

  • joe says:

    Yea, After seeing the prices i can see why there not selling .
    nice product but too pricey

  • tom@vp says:

    joe says: “i can see why there not selling .”

    Reply to the poster above me, since you dont know what vanquish sales are, you should keep your opinions of sales comments to yourself, we can barely keep these in stock as it stands, and to this point none of our sponsored drivers have been able to get their hands on them. these are not intended to be cheap axles, we make those too. these are top of the line products made for demanding drivers that want high end axles.

  • Steven Bittick says:

    Agreed. Your stuff rocks man! Got my set yesterday, amazing fit and finish. $300 for a set of the most bad ass axles on the market, good deal to me, these could EASILY go for $200-$250 apiece, and they would sell because people know the quality of VP stuff. If you want cheap aluminum axles, buy them elsewhere. Keep up the good work guys, Now i’m waiting on the Panhard and CMS kit for my SCX10.

  • DenverJeepMan says:

    Hi could you tell me what kit those axles will work on.. ? i love Cold Buster.. Sorry for the stuped question .. but just getting back into RCs…

  • Steven Bittick says:

    They are way to marrow for a clod, they are designed for the SCX10. They are making ones for the Wraith which should bolt up nicely!

  • jayson says:

    I’m wanting two for SCX10 Honcho. How do I order?


  • Виктор says:

    Привет. На SCX10 Подойдут же верно ? что нужно еще докупать под эти мосты ? Сколько они стоят с Доставкой в Ростов-на-Дону ? как заказать ?

  • james says:

    these look really really really nice…must be very expensive tho…lol…but i dont like the knuckle setup..i like it lower…but its all coolz. booyyaahh.

  • oscar lopez says:

    what is the price

  • Alex says:

    These are some very NICE axles!!!!!!

  • Alex says:

    Thaose are some very nice axles… just a little high!

  • Daniel says:

    Extremly nice axels…

  • Max says:

    I’m extremely interested in these axles !!!! How can I order some the website telling me they are not available

  • Bill says:

    How much are these axles and were can I get them

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