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I first met John (Mthead) years ago on the forum. He is a stand up guy who makes some really cool crawlers and a lot of products that benefit the R/C crawling world. After bugging him for a few months I was finally able to get him to fill out a vendor profile and give us some of the details of Fubar Crawlers.















What’s your name? John Wolfkeil

Where is your business located?Arizona

What is the name of your business?Fubar Crawlers

What’s your title in the business?Owner / Designer / Cutter

What are your hobbies?Just about anything RC, Cars, Trucks, Heli’s and Planes along with Competition Shooting.

What got you into RC rock crawling?I was searching for hop up parts for a X-mod and stumbled across a thread on RCC, I was instantly hooked.

When did you start selling crawler products?Mid 2007 I started producing parts for TCS and it evolved from there.


What parts were you producing for TCS?It started out with the original Axial 2.2 beadlock wheel rings, still going strong this day.

What products did you first start making/selling?Axial 2.2 Delrin Beadlock rings

Tell us a little about your chassis you produced.Over the years I made a few different chassis mainly for the Berg setups. The most popular was the Fubar Skeeter, although never winning a national championship it could definitely hold it’s own in the right hands. To this day I still produces chassis but for other vendors as time does not allow me the dedication required for testing.

What are you making/selling now?Still selling beadlock rings for just about every type of wheel, Vehicle Emblems, Rig stands, and I just released a Gas and Brake pedal set to finished off your prized scaler. I also do custom one-off work such as go-fast plate chassis and supports for several members.

Anybody else carrying your products? I produce several products for other Vendors on RCC which are sold directly on RCC and through TCS and RPP.

Got an online store?No, I prefer to have products in hand before billing the customer so dealing directly through RCC gives both me and the customer the most benefit.

A couple details on some of Fubar Crawlers products:

Made from .020″ laser etched plastic, they have a brushed silver finish with black inlays. Unlike the emblems these do not have an adhesive backing but can simply be attached with a dab of E6000 or Shoe goo. 

These will be sold in sets, either 1 foot or Regular gas pedal and 1 brake pedal for $4.00 shipped USPS letter.


FubarCrawlers Delrin Beadlock Rings
Laser cut from .125″ matte finished Delrin, machined chamfer, made to fit the Axial 1.9 series wheels.

If you would like to purchase anything from Fubar Crawlers, PM John.


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