Going to Scale Nationals Part 3

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Thursday  May 19th 2011

6 pm I made my way to the Hobby Garage to catch up with all the scale guiros before heading to the Maryville House for dinner.  Soon after arriving at the Hobby Garage we were kicked out and driving in a convoy to the middle of nowhere. Quite literally the middle of nowhere, The Marysville House was, as far as I could tell, the lone business in a ghost town, surrounded by empty buildings and rotting cars.


The restaurant itself could have been abandoned if I didn’t know people were inside. Despite the outside atmosphere it was alive inside. Everyone for the event was sitting in one room, which was dark and the walls were covered in everyone’s name that has been there in the last thirty years. After what seemed like forever my dinner arrived, even after the rave reviews on the steak the price scared me away and I opted for a cheeseburger. After the dinner festivities we all headed back to the Hobby Garage to let the food digest and a few guys had some last minute fixes on their rigs to take care of. Meanwhile Ben let me play with some of his demo helicopters flying around inside the store buzzing everyone hanging out and trying some tough touch and goes. The night wore on messing around and having a general good time.  But we all began to realize we had a long day ahead of us, so everyone began to say their goodbyes till the following morning.