Losi 1/24th scale Micro 4×4 Trail Trekker Preview

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For many years people were clambering for Losi to come out with a rock crawler of some sorts and they delivered quite handily. From the all-out Comp Crawler, the cool Mini Rock Crawler, the unique Night Crawler and the Micro Rock Crawler, they have this crawling thing down. Up to this point they’ve focused on function over form; however, that’s about to change. Enter the latest crawler from Losi, the 1/24-scale Losi Micro 4X4 Trail Trekker.

While not a completely new rig the Trail Trekker is a variation on the theme set before it by the Micro Rock Crawler. Where the Micro 4X4 Trail Trekker blazes a new path, however, is with a longer chassis that houses a larger battery pack, longer main drive shafts all topped off with a great looking scale body. We were able to sit down with one of the best crawlers out there— Losi’s Jacob Wright. Jacob is the man behind the scenes who brought the Micro 4X4 Trail Trekker to life and he provides us with that “developer’s eye” look into this great looking little rig. Features:

  • Front and rear solid axles with worm gear drive with full-time 4WD with front and rear locked differentials
  • TVP (twin vertical plate) chassis
  • Chrome, scale off-road wheels with scale, all-terrain treaded tires
  • Realistic front and rear bumpers
  • 4.8V 220mAh NiMH battery and charger included

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