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Motoworx Racing: Aluminum Crawler Wheels

Motorworx Racing is based out of Colorado and has been offering wheels to the community for quite some time.  Not only do they offer wheels, they also service late model front and rear off road suspension components from all the top manufacturers, bore and re-sleeve your worn out or damaged motorcycle cylinders along with offering vertical CNC machining.


Wheel Lineup: 1.9, 2.2, 2.8 & 3.8

1.9/ 2.2 Limited Edition 10 Hole

Available in Black/Black – Raw/Black – Raw/Raw – Black/Raw. 

1.9/2.2  8 Hole Deep Dish: 

Available in Raw

2.2 Limited Edition 8 Spoke

Available in Black/Raw – Black/Black – Raw/Raw

1.9 5 Spoke 

Available in Raw

1.9/ 2.2 8 Spoke Slant Face

Available in Raw 

2.8 5 Spoke Split

Available in Raw

3.8 8 Hole

Availabe in Raw

Scale Hubs/ Center Caps

Center Caps availabe in Red, Blue, Black and Raw. Scale hubs available in Raw.

Click HERE for all post in the Tire & Wheel vendor section by Motoworx Racing




2 Responses to Motoworx Racing: Aluminum Crawler Wheels

  • mitch morales says:

    I’m interested in the wraith cage and possibly 2.2 wheels can u email me price list? Thank you

  • I’m interested in both 3.8 and 2.2 sizes. Would you please email a price list and details of the materials, finishes and weights. Ideally I’d like an anodized finish in black or gunmetal type colour but let me know what you have and can do and we’ll go from there. Also please tell me which grade of aluminum is used and why… not sure if 6075 or 7075 is good for wheels like it is for a chassis.

    Final thing, shipping. I live in Hong Kong currently but will be moving to Australia soon. Will you ship internationally? If you any info on rates that would be awesome otherwise can work something out if you’re ok to ship.


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