Pitbull is going scale

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Thats right, Pitbull Tires is now making a scale 1.9 tire, and I have to say it looks great!


















They may have missed the scale looks with the 2.2 they released last year, but the 1.9, which hasn’t been officially released, looks fantastic. The new tire is 4.4 inches tall and 1.6 inches wide. It is nearly an exact replica of the existing full size Pitbull Rocker tire already on the market.


1:1 Pitbull Rocker


1.9 Pitbull tire
























Tim (Warpig) and Zach (Just Zach) have been testing the tire with good results. Its said to be a very soft compound, which allows for more foam tuning options when the time comes to mount them up.



















There isn’t a set date for these to go to the public, but don’t expect to wait to long before these hit the scale world. I’ll try to keep you updated if I hear about a release date.

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