Rocas Rojo Scale Challenge

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For the first time at Vanquish products La  Guerra en Rocas Rojo there was a scale event, but not just any scale event. This was a scale endurance race covering a lot of terrain all over the red rocks area in Morrison, Colorado.













This event was described by some to be similar to a rally race, with staggered start time for the first two stages, allowing for the quicker drivers to catch some of the slower ones and making some braze passes that sometimes ended in catastrophe. Though passing wasn’t the only worrying moment, sometimes the pressure of knowing someone was catching you was enough to allow some mistake to slip through the cracks. If that wasn’t enough fatigue was a plague that spread to all of the competitors, with the 100  degree heat and the less then fit competitors. It was a new format to many of the drivers though and overall was a success with ever one but Duffy (Joystick) leaving with a smile on their face.


After 3 stages and more then 110 gates it could have been anyones win, but caution ended up playing its part in the final outcome. Coming into the final course 30 seconds ahead of everyone one else was Richard (Wrecker), but after coming around for his second lap collided with John (SDSCustoms), this tore part of Richards front axle off ending his day. Now it was anyones day, but after 3 brutal courses with heavy traffic and 18 competitors doing everything they can to come out on top it surely got everyone wondering who the top three drivers were for the day.

In the end John Ripplinger (SDS customs) came home with the victory followed closely by Rodney Manley (RPMJ) and rounding off the top three Paul Goodman (Fordx4Ranger). RC4WD kindly award prizes to the top three this year, making the top three feel a little better about working so hard for their positions in the first La Guerra En Rocas Rojo Scale Challenge.

More then anything this was a spectators event, the frantic nature of the drivers, the constant action and the drivers burning through the courses, it was a blast to watch. I can’t wait for next year!



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