February 2015
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$$ Super Giveaway $$

AB Design and SuperShafty.com  Have teamed up together to bring you this Epic giveaway.

Its a Super Shafty like never before !!!









Valued at over $800.00, this giveaway will launch the first
of many new designs for the Shafty enthusiast from AB DesignSuperShafty.com

Please visit our On-Line Stores
for more details
On these Modded axles, shocks & Chassis

(This is a complete Kit but with so many possible configurations this giveaway does not include: Electronics, a trans, drive shafts or wheels & tires)



As with all giveaways on RCC you must be a supporting member of the site to be eligible.  To enter go to this thread and make a post letting AB Design and SuperShafty.com know how much you appreciate their support!

For info on becoming a supporting member, Check this out.

Winner will be chosen at random on 7/17/11 at noon.


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