November 2016
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Team3six’s Christmas in July

Apparently giveaway fever has struck RCC, Norm Of Team3Six is having a huge giveaway valuing over $250.00.
















We all know a lot of cool products come out of the Team3Six workshop, but for me I didn’t realize how many different products Norm offered. Here is a full picture gallery of everything being given away  in Team3Six’s Christmas in July.

To break it down for you, we have scale winch line, custom Dash panels, Delrin fairlead, scale winch hook, power tanks, fire extinguisher and NOS bottle, metal spool for a servo winch, scale limiting straps, scale seats seat belts, beer 30 packs, bed roll, jumper cables, bungee cords, first aid box, 1/10th scale magazine, synthetic winch line, and a tow strap.

To enter the Team3Six giveaway get yourself a star, follow Norm’s instructions and check out this thread.

If your a fan of building custom crawlers, then I’m sure Team3Six has some parts for you, But just remember…


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