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The new Axial EXO Terra Buggy AX90015

Axial has knocked it out of the park with this new release, the Axial EXO Terra Buggy.  Just days ago we published an article eluding to what we thought this vehicle might be.  As it turns out we weren’t too far off the mark.  With the SEMA show kicking off today Axial has teamed up with a number of companies to help release the new EXO Terra Buggy.






All day long pictures were rolling in of all the different EXO’s taking over the SEMA show.  From Icon Vehicle Dynamics to Turn Key engine supply to Hankook Tires you couldn’t be anywhere at SEMA without seeing the all new EXO Terra Buggy.  With 50,000+ attendees at the SEMA show that is sure to make a huge impact.  The Axial marketing guys were spot on with this release!

I’ve been blowing up the phones of everyone at Axial today trying to get any shred of info I can, but they’re all super busy at SEMA right now.  Hopefully we’ll know more here very shortly.


See the latest and Discuss this new vehicle in this thread.


19 Responses to The new Axial EXO Terra Buggy AX90015

  • Shawn says:

    Thats so sweet..I gotta have one..

  • Rockeater says:

    I wanna see it topless. This is a sweet rig and the wheels are a turning for project’s! Way to go again axial

  • mrhobby100 says:

    holy hell. They better have a release date soon. I gotta have. The white one is just clean as hell!!!!!

  • rokerz says:

    Looks really sweet, maybe a chance for a new class, being a 1/8th nitro buggy racer this does look interesting other than just doing 1/10 off-road.

  • Thom K says:

    Way to go Axial… Watchout Traxxas/Tamiya!

  • SCOTT H says:


  • paul says:

    oh man, i just messed up my shorts…..way to go Axial. Bring the RC world to its knees……wooooooo hoooooooooooooooo

  • Steven Z says:

    Simply fantastic. Love it!

  • Jay-Em says: Goodness.. After the beauty that is the wraith, they launch another stunningly beautiful bombshell..

    *falls back in chair, slackjawed and speechless*

  • rockn says:

    I want one maybe Ill sell 1 of my crawlers for one

  • tink-tink says:

    Swoop Swagg. this thing is ballin, cant wait to see the drivetrain

  • radster87 says:

    wow a true bash buggy from axial? after this i may have no more use for traxxas

  • shane says:

    man talk about an offroad runner, it looks stealthy and like it could go anywhere

  • Spiike says:

    pretty slick, another to add to my wishlist, axial seems to be kicking any other wanabe RC into the dumpster! i wonder whats next? monster trucks, construction equipment, big 18 wheeler? 1/5th scale super crawler?

  • Jason says:

    Glad to see RC manufactures putting more effort into the look and realism of their cars rather than just slapping some flimsy molded shell over the top. Kudos to Axial for adding in all the subtle detail. Everything is proportionate and looks like the real thing. My wife even thinks this thing is bad ass. We are both looking forward to putting it together. I’m not sure why they call it 1/10 scale. It’s based on the dimensions it’s actually closer to a 1/8th size. I have a Kyosho DB Ultima 1/9th buggy and the Axial is the same width but an inch longer. It’s just a little smaller than my 1/8th XTM Rail.

  • gotlocker says:

    whens the damn release date – lets see it must B X-Mas time !

  • joshua says:

    did it come out yet

  • joshua says:

    did it come out in stores yet

  • joshua says:

    great job axial

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