Vanquish Product’s Rocas Rojo

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Saturday was the big day for Colorado’s National event “Vanquish Products La Guerra en Rocas Rojo”.



















39 2.2 drivers came out to test their skills on some challenging rock. After 6 tough courses and a finals course though the best drivers showed and the best drivers came out on top. Jeremy Toney (Krawlfreak) came out with the win, with a 15 gate finals course and 3 regular courses that had 10 bonus gates each and three other 10 gate courses it could have been anyones day, but skill showed through and Jeremy’s 2.2 crawler stayed together. As always at Rocas Rojo there was a special attraction for one of the courses this year it was a ” loopty loop”, however this year it was a bonus gate and many competitors opted to play it safe and not attempt the loop. However a few drivers stepped up to try their skill at it. One being Steve Brown of Vanquish Products.

A few photos from the day of 2.2’s and the finals course.

To check out the rest of the scores from the day  go here:

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