Vanquish’s Wraith parts

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Vanquish products is at it again, this time making a full line of parts for the new Axial Wraith.







The Wraith has been out a short time and already Vanquish has made several parts for the Wraith including Titanium upper and lower links, rear lock outs, knuckles, drag link and even a tie rod to keep the steering nice and solid. Yes, its true the Wraith knuckles and C hubs are the same as the XR10, but that didn’t stop Vanquish from making some new ones specifically for the Wraith. The new knuckles remove the behind the axle steering parts to keep the look incredibly clean. As well as the new knuckles the Links that Vanquish has cranked out in record time are Titanium with custom bends to clear all the tight spots in the driveline. Needless to say they are flawless, but don’t take my word for it check them out.


Keep an eye out for more products from Vanquish, because you can bet there will be plenty of new parts coming for the Wraith and other crawlers.

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