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Vendor Profile: Death Metal Garage

Another Great vendor from The DMG has been providing several products to fit all crawling needs.

















What’s your name?
Jerry Justice

Where is your business located?

Kansas City, MO

Name of business- 

The Death Metal Garage

What’s your title in your business?


What are your hobbies?

R/C everything, Full size dune buggy, mini bike choppers, Fabrication/Welding

What got you into RC rock crawling?

Another form of R/C- I was into.

When did you start selling crawler products?

Going on 5 years now.

What products did you first start making/selling

Aluminum competition crawler chassis

What are you making/selling now?

Aluminum competition crawler chassis, custom scale chassis, scale parts

Anybody else carrying your products?

RPP Hobby

What can we look forward to in the future?

more of the same !!

Give me one random fact about you?

I build a LOT of chassis’!

Got an online store?

no, not yet



If you would like to see more from Jerry of the Death Metal Garage you can see it right here at

38 Responses to Vendor Profile: Death Metal Garage

  • mark iseman says:

    want to purchase a.l.t roll cage need more info

  • Wayne says:

    Hi, I would like to purchase a chassis for my Lodi comp crawler but am computer illiterate, how do I buy it? Hope to hear from you soon.

  • aaron bradley says:

    I would like to purchase an ALT topper for my losi comp crawler please let me know how to go about getting one
    thanks, aaron

  • Andy says:

    I am looking for a chassi for my ax10. I have been told to look at what u got but I’m having no luck.

  • juan says:

    hi i have been wanting to buy a roll cage for my axial wraith and i would like to no how much it would be for a simple chassis that i can design and u just like make everything fit on the axial wraith skid plate

  • Eleonore says:

    hi, i would like to have a DMG Aluminiti Chassis 1:10 in polished silver colour. Please contact me. Thank u!

  • Eric says:

    When will I be able to purchase a scx10 axle truss v3??

  • Doc Wacholz says:

    Looking for a LCC DMG Roll cage…please contact me! Thanks!

  • J P says:

    I am looking for a DMG rollcage / chassis for losi comp crawler. please contact me. Thanks.

  • CC says:

    I’m looking for somebody to shorten some CVD shafts for me. Please contact me.

  • will girdley says:

    i would like to see some pics and prices on some losi mrc tube frames. please contact me. thanks

  • Brandon Williams says:

    Would like something that would work with my wraith chassis components.Something onthe scale side with a stinger front bumper.Wanted to know how to look at what you already made and prices on chassis.Thanks

  • Chad says:

    I am looking to buy a ALT for my LCC. i have seen one pic of a topper you have done with the ESC sitting on the rear reciever plate. if there is anyway you can send a couple of pics. thanks for ur time

  • Mike says:

    I am also looking for to buy a ALT tuber body for my Losi Night Crawler. Do you still make these and sell them? I am also interested in the ESC protector. Thanks

  • Jason4201 says:

    I want the DMG diff skid plates and a fast back style stiffener for my wraith but can’t find them

  • Scott Mayne says:

    Hi Jerry. I love your roll cages. I’m interested in a fastback stiffy kit for my wraith with some slight mods. Please supply some further info.


  • kirt mclean says:

    Good day Jerry…I’m hoping you are still building these chassis’s for sale…they all look top shelf…have a few questions,then would love to buy one…thank you…!

  • Big GC says:

    How can buy A.L.T. I would love to have one.

  • Louie Kincaid says:

    Hey Jerry, I’m looking to build a wraith from scratch. I would like to see what all you have to offer, I’m impressed with your work. Would like to see more, can not seem to get access to anything on….. Thanks Jerry

  • NHRC says:

    Hey Jerry, I am looking to buy a short stiffy kit and was about how much that would set me back
    thanks -Travis G.

  • Marvin says:

    Hi Jerry,can I get a price for the fast back stiffy kit for a wraith and also what is wait time for one?

  • Bret carrell says:

    Hi Jerry ,how much $ is that stiffy fastback kit for the wraith? very nice kit would love to have one. thanks

  • abdul says:

    Hi jerry..I would like to purchase ur dmg diff skid plate for my wraith.what will be the estimated shipping rate to singapore.

  • Kenny tucker says:

    Hey jerry. Just seen some videos on your stiffy kit for the axial wraith. I was wondering how I could get my hands on one if you could get back to me with the details I will be wanting to pick one up right away. Thank you.

  • nune nitsiotis says:

    I’ve wanted a one off chassis for so long and yours are awesome. I figure starting out with a stiffy fabrication for my wraith would be a start. Do you still fab these? They have been elusive….Evol had the first one that he sold and it got away and then Carter gave his as part of his give aways to promote local business….and that got away too. I think I’ve even enquired before about it, but haven’t been able to nail down any information regarding if you’d be willing to fabricate one more for me and cost? It’s my white unicorn from DUG…..Death Unicorn Garage…. :) Teasing. Anyway…..thanks, Justice.

  • Frank Alonzo says:

    Looking for a Wraith Stiffy Kit. Please email me.


  • Tom Cross says:

    Would like pricing on the stiffy kits.

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  • Felicoano says:

    Hey Jerry I was wondering on a price for th stiffy fast back chassis just like the one evol villain put on his rig and the front and rear skid plates for the wraith. Just shoot me an email. Thanks agaon

  • martin taylor says:

    im not sure if you got the last email but i just purchased a rear rc4wd d44 rearend and i was wondering if you could custom make me diff skip plate for it so i dont tear up the diff housing im not too worried about the tubes as much as i am the diff housing.Please get back to me as soon as you can i need these pretty quick as i dont want to take my truck out until i get some kind of protection for it you guys make some great products and hope you could make me some awsome skids.thanks for you time i will be looking for your return email thanks again MartinTaylor

  • larry falcone says:

    Hi, I saw a chassis on your Facebook page and have a lot of interest in acquiring one if possible. Its your aluminum clad scale chassis. Could you email me with a price and availability?

    thanx, larry


    Hello I am interested in purchasing a losi comp crawler cage? I dont know how to go about doing this, If you could contact me with the price and payment information that would be much appreciated.

  • Robert Padilla says:

    I want to purchase a stumb back stiffy kit for the axial wraith need more info on the ordering process

  • Alex says:

    I am interested in purschasing the rear stiffy back chassis kit with the skull on top for my Axial Wraith. were can I purschase it. Is there a website I can go to and purschase what I need?

  • Rob says:

    I’m interested in the alt topper for my lcc, how or where do I order? I’m in Colorado how long would it take to get ? Thanks

  • Corey says:

    I would like to get a dlc chassis but was wonderino if the shocks would still mount up in the stock location you can email me anytime with a response

  • Ryan McCarthy says:

    Hey jerry, I’m just trying to look into getting on of your awesome cages for the wraith, tried to message out via Facebook too. Thanks

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