Vendor Profile: Krawler Konceptz

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Krawler Konceptz is a Canada based vendor, creating some pretty cool radio skins and other graphic related items. I decided it was time to check out some of the cool products coming from Krawler Konceptz and what they are all about.













What are your name(s)?

Rob and Michelle Boutilier


Where is your business located?

Saint John, New Brunswick


What is the name of your business?

Krawler Konceptz


What’s your title in your business?



What are your hobbies?

All Rc’s, camping and our three kids


What got you into RC rock crawling?

The Challenges


When did you start selling crawler products?

1.5 years


What products did you first start making/selling?

Radio Skins


What are you making/selling now?

Kustom radio skins, Inside skins for bodyless chassis, scale license plates, scale banners, parts trayz


Any body else carrying your products?

Gogo Hobbies


What can we look forward to in the future?

As always new skins for new products


Give me one random fact about you?

We have three great childeren that love life and RC’s


Got an online store?

In the works

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