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RcBro (William) has been a member of for a long time, I used this opportunity to check in with him and get the scoop on

















What’s your name?

William Gauderman

Where is your business located? 

What is the name of the business? 
RcBros Hobbies

What’s your title in your business? 

What are your hobbies?
RC’s, 1:1 Crawling, ATV’s, anything outdoors

What got you into RC rock crawling? 
The amazing people I began meeting in the RC Crawling community

When did you start selling crawler products? 
When I was forced to move into the basement of my Fiance’s parent place because my 40+ hour back breaking job wasn’t making enough to support us.
I sat there thinking, there has got to be a better another way, and so the tinkering began.

What products did you first start making/selling? The Losi MRC started as my testing ground for parts when it first came out, and it has grown from there.

What are you making/selling now? 
Parts for the Losi MRC, LCC, Berg and scalers

Any body else carrying your products? 
Currently, online I am the only retailer, however we’ve been having more local hobby shops purchase directly.

What can we look forward to in the future?
I’m currently working on some new goodies for the Berg and possibly some killer scale accessories.

Give me one random fact about you?
I have OCD when it comes to wrenching on my RC cars. I have a spare bedroom for my RC’s and I must clean the room entirely before I begin working on them. Within minutes the room is always blown up with tools and parts, but for some strange reason, I have to clean it and organize it before I begin working.

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