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I met Norm of Team3Six at this last weekends Scale Nationals, a great guy with some cool products. I also had the opportunity to talk to him about Team3Six.















What’s your name?
Norm Hoppe

Where is your business located?
Billings, Montana

What’s the name of your business?

What’s your title in your business?

What are your hobbies?
First off, Radio Control isn’t just a hobby, its my passion. But my other hobby is visiting small town brewery’s across the country. 

What got you into RC rock crawling?
I just love the scale appearance of it and how close it is to the real thing. Before Short course came out. Rock Crawling was the one that stood out the most to me.
My first competition was MSD Scale Nationals and everyone was so cool and helpful. After that I knew where I wanted to be.

When did you start selling crawler products?
About 3 years ago, I always had this artistic side to me and one day I wanted to gear up my own truck with stuff that wasn’t available on the market. I enjoyed pushing the envelope and making parts that no one else could get. After that the need among the masses pretty much pushed me in that direction.

What products did you first start making/selling?
Scale racing seats were the first and still are the market people come to me for. My first seats were pretty primitive but still better than anything out there. I started making 5 point harnesses for them and evolved the seats to look like the real thing.

What are you making/selling now?
I’m always putting out something new. Lately has been several different needed products. I want to make affordable scale products that work, not cheap products that don’t last.
So I came out with Winch spools, which is perfect with the release of Hayok’s product which turns a servo into a working winch. Then I added upoun that by making Fairleads, hooks, and winch line that works. But I am also into the details that set off that scale appearance and earn you points and looks. So I have contol panels that have light up clusters and also limiting straps for your axles that really make a differance.

Anybody else carrying your products?
I have been in talks with RPP Hobby, but honestly I cant make my products fast enough to keep up with the demand. Hopefully in the near future I will be able to manufacture to larger production.

What can we look forward to in the future?
Lots of stuff, I don’t want to to be the next hobby shop. I just want to offer a variety of products that help bring your Scale RC to the next level of an attitude adjustment. If it isn’t scale , it isn’t team3six.

Give me one random fact about you?
Well not many people know this, but I used to race semi pro Touring, I got into it by reading XRC magazine and going to events. One thing turned to another and I started becoming sponsored. But by the time I reached the level I wanted, the damage done by R.O.A.R was already done making that form of RC a little more than a headache.

I always remember how I got there and how I wanted someone to give me a chance. I pay it forward now by sponsoring drivers which can be viewed on my website. 

When someone purchases any of my products they are not just supporting me making new products, but they are supporting good, knowledgeable, great drivers who pay it forward as well.

Got an online store?
Yup, they can visit my store at
We also offer tutorials on how to airbrush as well as all the electronics know how you can handle. Solid information that you can rely on.

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