October 2016
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mickey thompson

New product Line up from RC4WD!

These guys don’t seem to ever slow down, but hey, Im not complaining.

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RC4WD introduces MT Iphone case

Mickey Thompson and RC4WD have teamed up again to bring you some of the coolest products out there.

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RC4WD at Sema 2011!

RC4WD is at the SEMA show to check out all the new items for the aftermarket truck market. While here we thought why not give Mickey Thompson a cool truck to display in there booth.

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RC4WD has a new tire compound

We all know RC4WD puts out the most scale items in R/C rock crawling, but honestly with such scale looks its hard for parts to be very capable, especially tires, well RC4WD has been listening and they have a new super soft tire compound out. The buzz around the water cooler is they work really well too.

Starting out RC4WD has produced two tires with the new compound, both class 1 sized tires. Before class 1 was for street trucks where looks out weighed performance, now it is about looks, and performance.

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Giveaway Time!

After a small stint away from the giveaways and a whole lot of product development RC4WD is back in the saddle, giving away some killer new product.

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Vendor Profile: RC4WD

Tom (Racer4life) has been with RC4WD for years, I met him at Scale Nationals this year and knew it was time to learn a little bit more about him and RC4WD. If you haven’t heard of RC4WD before you are missing out. They make the coolest scale products around and some pretty good comp parts as well.

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New RC4WD Mickey Thompson tires

For all those scale enthusiasts out there, RC4WD has released a 1.55 and 2.2 version of their Mickey Thompson Baja Claw TTC tire. The 1.9 version of the tire was released a few months ago. After the 1.9 version came out, the community wanted more. Some images released at a trade show a short time ago gave us a glimpse of these newer versions of the tire, but finally they are out!


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RC4WD introduces the all new Mickey Thompson Baja Claw

RC4WD introduces the all new Mickey Thompson Baja Claw TTC 1.9″ offroad tire.

RC4WD has teamed up with Mickey Thompson tires to bring you this huge new offroad tire. As RC4WD promised, we have brought out several licensed tires and this is only the beginning. The new Baja Claw TTC, is a tried and true offroad tire and stand in at 4.75″ tall. This true replica of the 1:1 ¬†Baja Claw TTC tire was special built for Top Truck Challenges. Are you ready for the Challenge? Continue reading