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Dec 7, 2017
City on the sand
Hi everyone,

Wanted to share my build and upgrades of MST CFX Ford Bronco.
I picked the kit version with Hackmoto 35T motor and Tritronic WP ESC from rcmart, added gensAce battery, FlySky GT3C radio and PowerHD WP 23KG servo.
It was quite capable in "stock" mode, I have a short video showing some performance - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-5pXkN_2RM

However, with time I decided to upgrade stuff, stock wasn't that satisfying after all...
So here are my upgrades:
- Tekin Heavy Duty 45T motor (Hackmoto died after a few runs...)
- Went with the smallest pinion available, 16t, as I optimized this truck for pure torque and climbing, final drive ratio by my calculations is 1:50~
- Yeah Racing PTFE bearings
- Aluminum beadlock wheels with steel weights (front ones are heavier)
- Pit Bull PBX A/T 1.9" tires with their stock foams
- Additional weights on chassis (mostly on front)
- Aluminum links (upper, lower and steering), changed wheelbase to 270mm
- MST steel drive shafts (all 3 of them), had to use SX90 against rust as I sometimes run it in water
- MST aluminum skid plate
- 80mm Aluminum shocks, medium stiffness springs
- Misc accessories: fuel tank on rear, led lights on top

Here are some pics:







After some years barely touching the CFX, I decided to revive this awesome rig and make some changes in it. Mostly electronics, and shocks setup. I want it to look scale but also have some nice performance attributes.

Here is what I did:

1. I figured that my heavy duty locker in the front axle was broken at some point, so it had to be replaced to bring back that 4x4 drive. I tried to find a metal one but no luck, so I ordered the original plastic (please let me know if there is a metal equivalent because this part is quite a weak spot).

2. The Tekin 45T brushed motor with the 16t pinion was a bit slow at full throttle, and the 1060 ESC did not provide the smooth slow speed/startup that I want.
So I changed to brushless setup:
- Furitek Perentie 1950kv 10-pole inrunner motor
- Castle Mamba Micro X2 ESC
- ZTW upgraded UBEC 8A G2 (peak 15A)
- Yipin AK70 servo

3. Switched the shocks to Yeah Racing Desert Lizards 90mm and also the shock mounts to GRC metal shock towers for more flexability. I moved the front shock towers slightly forward.
The shocks setup is the following:
- Front: full droop (longest soft sprint)
- Rear: 70% droop and 30% sprung (soft springs), I mounted the rear shocks at the lower link holders on the axle
- 30w oil on both front and rear shocks
I'm considering putting some mount risers due to the length of the shocks on front to lower the chassis a bit, but I need to test the current setting first.

4. Added GRC steel side skirts. Placed the reciever, BEC and ESC on them.

5. Changed the wheels to Boom Racing CHROMA 1.9" high mass aluminum beadlocks. Changed the foams to PitBull Dirty Richard single stage foams (soft). Kept the PitBull PBX tires as they are pretty good and perfectly match the truck, now I just vented them (2 holes on each tire).

6. Removed all additional and redundant weights on the truck. Now with 3200mah 3S Lipo, its total weight is about 3kg.

Haven't tested it outside yet, will make and share a video soon.

Here are some photos: