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FMS/RocHobby 1:18 Ford F1

Short, silent running video and showing of the Rochobby Magnum.

Basically confirms my suspicions that it is a decently hefty 1/15 scale, if the guy has average size man-hands.
Not much info to be gained but the channel owner responded to a question about USA availability:

"I can't tell you, I live in France and they are available here and in Belgium in preview.
For the USA or the rest of the world I don't know at all but I think it will be soon.
I can however tell you that it is superb, it also has 3 speeds! It is a true FMS in the same
way as the K10. Besides, they are the same "under" chassis and the same tires, only the
bodywork changes."

3-speeds "thumbsup" and hopefully the lights (and taillights) can be controlled from the transmitter to stay on.

He compares the size to another small crawler and a WPL C34 at least.

Re: RocHobby Magnum - 1/18 Ford F1 Pickup

I have a feeling it's not truly 3 speeds from a mechanical transmission. It's the same throttle limiting from the transmitter you see in most RCs like that V1 electronics in the SCX24. I'd expect the transmission to be the same as the other 1/18 hard body FMS trucks like the K10...which isn't a bad thing IMO

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Anyone seeing this thing in the US yet?

I heard from a pretty reliable source that these will be available in the US in the near future.
Would not give me a date, so I hope that means sooner, rather than later...

You're in luck, it is FINALLY available to the rest of the world. :roll:
I only found out because I'm on YT a lot and turksandjerps has one in a video posted +/-12 hrs ago.

I didn't want that 6x6 Chevy abomination as my 'classic pickup of choice'. I wanted this.

It's at FairRC and probably everywhere else too (Amazon etc):

ETA: $139.99 at this time.
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I swear I once found the real 1/1 truck they must have modeled it after, because it had a tachometer on the dash and that "STROKERS" plate on it.

Couldn't find the truck again though. The designers must have figured the tach on the dash was stock.
Re: RocHobby Magnum - 1/18 Ford F1 Pickup

Oh, I've got plans for this one as soon as I get my hands on it. Vintage 4x4 wrecker with some weathering (need to practice that actually.....) would go nice with the rest of my fleet.

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Try this one first. That is not bad for a "factory" weathering job, but half the fun is doing it yourself, or adding gradual wear.





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Anyone seeing this thing in the US yet?

Hope you got a Magnum, they're all over the place now and were $80.99 on Black Friday.

I'd pick your brain privately, but your inbox is full and cannot receive more messages. Since you seem to be knowledgeable about these trucks, can you visually tell the difference between the F1, F2 and F3 models just by looking at them?
For example, did the F2 or F3 only come with the 8 foot beds and not the 6 1/2 ft beds? Also, some of the long(er) beds have vertical reinforcing struts on the outside of the bed so I figured that possibly indicates it's an F2 ¾ ton or F3 ¾ ton Heavy Duty.

I'd like to mod a Rochobby Magnum into one of the heavier duty models so that's part of why I'm asking.

Thanks. :idea: