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Grob's AR60 build


RCC Addict
Nov 12, 2005
After much debate (mentally) I believe I've finally found the proper place for this thread. I'm still uncertain so mods, feel free to move it wherever!

Rewind a couple years ago and I bought a used MOA rig with the intention of hopefully getting to re-live a part of crawling history that I missed out on. Due to there beeing zero aftermarket and zero interest I decided to scrap the project and not build a BergV2 crawler... my MOA dreams will be fulfilled someday, but for now, another shafty!

I have a pile of dirty parts is all, but all builds need to start somewhere. I have:

A pair of stock AR60 axles from an OG Wraith (with incision steering links)
An old HiTec HS-7954SH servo with a metal Racers Edge clamping horn
A stock SCX10 transmission with WB8 shafts
A set of 2.2 Hot Bodies Sedona's with stock foams
A set of Axial shocks with SCX10 springs and retainers and modded caps
A set of delrin lower links (rears might be Kamikaze Kustoms)
Some random delrin chassis meant for an MOA rig (T1E Moonbuggy maybe?)
and as a place holder I have an Axial 35t motor


I'll hafta fab up a skid to fit the transmission, but I have ordered body mounts and spacers from DLux to widen the chassis. I also ordered a carbon fiber brace from DLux

I have an airbrushed body from back in the day that I plan to run, but more on that (and the wheels) later
Got an order from DLux Fab in today so I can make some progress

I got a pair of 70mm lightweight aluminum chassis spacers and a pair of 70mm body mounts. Got em installed with 12mm SS button heads. I plan to cut up a skid at work hopefully tomorrow


While I did remove these axles from an OG Wraith chassis, I believe them to be from a Bomber. The diff cover looks different. Doesn't change much, they're still AR60s. Also from DLux I got a sportsman front axle truss and battery plate. I just have it loosely installed for now so I can take it apart and clean everything and add fresh grease. I probably won't use the tie-rod from incision and the drag link is temporary. It's a delrin link I've had kicking around for ages and while it works, it leaves a lot to be desired.


I ordered a few Vanquish bits, and a Holmes motor. Also ordered an ESC. Dummy me forgot to order a rear axle truss, so back to DLux I go
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The chunky, front and rear cross-braces on that chassis are interesting. Wondering how that center hole is going to be used.
Body mounts look confusing when I don't show the whole thing...





also, got a skid cut! This thing is thick but oh well (more weight down low I guess) Still gotta cut some more and get it drilled for the trans and to mount it. Came out to 59mm long x 69mm wide and fits great!

Bit of an update: got some vanqiush goodies installed on the axles (C Hubs, knuckles, rear lockouts, and link mounts all around). Also cleaned-up the housings and added fresh grease on the gears. I see some broken axle shafts in my future as what's in it is pretty worn. Also got a Vanquish case installed on the transmission and a Holmes Hobbies CrawlMaster Sport 13T motor. I made another order to Dlux for a rear truss, and another order to RPP for parts to finish the transmission properly. More updates as parts roll in