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Lil b gets a makeover

Finally got all the fittings for the fuel system rounded up, or so i thought. The last fitting, the one that goes in the carb inlet, was the wrong size. But i did manage to get the rest of the system plumbed up.

Comin out of the fuel cell i used an10 fittings n line. Put in a fuel shutoff valve n a pre filter before the pump. From the pump forward, i ran an6 line. I added another filter after the pump as well, didnt get pics of it yet.

Next up will be the lines for the oil filter relocation setup

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Got a bit of work done on lil b today. Not alot, but enuf to make a difference. The fuel.pump over powered the floats in the carb, so i ended up gettin a regulator. Worked out perfect, he starts up better than he ever has n idles great.

Ive got to get the rear driveshaft to the machine shop to get shortened. The one i had before is boogered up where the clip goes to hold the cup in. Didnt realize it til i tore him down, the clip was gone. But the driveshaft from the donor truck is bigger, so thats a plus.

Hope to get some more done soon. For now, heres a new runnin vid from today. Thanks for stoppin in n checkin n out progress


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It’s coming together buddy, I bet you’re getting fired up to drive it

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Ok, long over due update. Ive got some parts in over the past month or so. New 3 core alum rad with dual fans, 224/224 magnum comp cam, comp cam valve springs, alum dual plane intake, new water pump, .030 over pistons, stainless cap head hardware kit. Im sure im missin a few things on that list.

Today, i had a guy from work help bleed the brakes. N man are they touchy. No, the engine hasnt been built yet, but i did get to finally drive lil b across the yard at work lol. That was a great feelin for sure! Been a few yrs since ive driven it. Also replaced the turn signal switch, so all the turn signals work now. Think ill buy another one though, this one is a bit cheaply made.

But, thurs, im finally takin the engine up to peidmont to the machine shop. Takin the whole day off, goina drop the engine off at T&A machine shop, then go on up to CRV. Me n some buddies are goina go pull some lines with tiny trucks.

Man am i stoked to get the engine built! Plan is to have lil b roadworthy by ECC in may. Still need to get one end of the rear driveshaft fixed, the groove for the clip is beat up pretty bad. Didnt notice, til i pulled it out, the clip was gone. Still dont know how i didnt lose the cup off the ujoint lol. Have to get the sensors for the fans, run n tidy up all wiring, n finish the exhaust.

So as things progress, ill add updates. For now, heres some pics

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Cool project. She's a good looking truck. I've always liked that era of Ford pickups and the stepside bed makes it even better. I once had a '76 Chevy Silverado short bed stepside project truck and I still kick myself for getting rid of her.

Looking forward to seeing this all come together!"thumbsup"
Thanks sniper! This has been a build ive wanted to do since i got lil b 13 yrs ago

Thanks brian!!!!! Them ol chevy stepsides are good lookin trucks too. I know where theres one sittin in the weeds right now. I had an 80 f150 4x4, it was the heavy half. Wish id never got rid of it. 300 with a granny 4spd. Done all the body work n painted it. It was dark blue, at night it was black, n under the street lights, itd turn a silver color. Got it from my dad when i was in high school, paid him $250 n he told me if i graduated, hed sign it over. I gradeeated by golly lol

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Love the character of that stepside. It's coming along beautifully.

Here is my stepside project [emoji1]

Yours is cooler, wanna trade?

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Looks good man, can't say I agree with the 22s but free is free. All it seems you need now is the big foot gas pedal and you're set.
Thats a good lookin stepside smog, but i cant get rid of lil b. About 7 yrs ago, lil b was still a 1/2 ton at that time, i had a guy chace me down in the store n try to buy him. Offered me 2 harleys, i said no, offered me $10k, turned it down. He kept on n on, n said, but its a short bed f250!. Had to explain to him, i put the f250 badges back on the fender to cover the holes where they were on there before. N that they never made a reg cab swb f250 or f350, they were either reg cab lwb, ext cab swb, ext cab lwb, crew cab swb, or crew lwb. Told him, he better go recount the lugs too lol. But, not lil b IS a reg swb f350

Thanks goos3! Idk about that bid ol foot pedal, mines big enuf in the floor board, dont think i need another down there lol

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Got some good news yall! Went to the machine shop n picked up the block, crank, new pistons, n old heads. Im pretty excited, ready to get back on this build. If yall are close to northeast AL n lookin for a good machine shop, i recommend t a's automotive machine shop in piedmont.

Block was bored 0.030, they put the cam bearings in n the freeze/casting plugs in, which i wasnt expectin. They ended up turnin the crank 0.010, even though i couldve got away with stock, tj said id be better off doin it right the first time.

I had them pull my old pistons off the rods n put the new ones one. He checked the heads, n unfortunantly, one is cracked between the valves. So im searchin for a set of 351w heads or a set of 5.0 explorer heads. If i buy aftermarket, ill go aluminum, with 2.02 1.60 valves n roller rockers.

Stay tuned, hope to have more really soon. Thanks again for checkin in!


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