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PYRO builds an F-Toy


Built, not bought
Oct 30, 2004
I've been around crawlers for a long time and, one of the things I wanted in the past but never got around to buying or building was an F-Toy. After Mikes RC World posted a pic of his, it got the wheels turning in my head. Originally I was gonna use an Element BK V2 to build off of but, then I got to thinking that it should have a leaf spring suspension. So, decided to use my TF2 as the donor. I found a line drawing of a Hendrix Motorsports cage and used that as a basis for the build. Took the pics I found and redrew and scaled them in Mastercam. Since I didn't start this thread from the beginning of the build, you won't have to wait as long for the progress pics. Here's where I started from and, where I am currently at.400018776_7178665542168306_3307733685167908574_n_7178665552168305.jpg400020638_7178665445501649_7427700222955257866_n_7178665468834980.jpg400323157_7178665335501660_8758753948467968309_n_7178665362168324.jpgfirst layout.jpgmain hoop.jpgfixture.jpgbody weight.jpgcurrent cage weight.jpggt1.jpg
Here's a side view of it sitting on the old sliders to get an idea of how it will sit. I also designed some panel mounts for it. the pic is of one of the roof ones just sitting on it. I still need to get them brazed in. also, here's the axles that will be going underneath it. I'll be able to get some more progress done once I get the axles actually mounted. More pics to come as I make some progress and, organize the other pics I have.

side mu.jpgpanel mount.jpgaxles.jpg
Watching! I've been wanting to finish my build. I started one with the scx10hcr chassis that came out eons ago. I too want to use leaf springs with ar60s and will more than likely use the leaf springs off of the 1/6 fms rigs as they are wider, longer and thicker than the other springs i have here.
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I regret selling my FToy. 10.1 based with RCBros leaf spring mounts in the rear
Kind of a spec class crawler back in the day.

bgredjeep is correct. They were a cage mounted to a Toyota pickup/4runner frame. There was only a few authorized cage builders to keep it simple. Hendrix Motorsports was one of the major builders.
While I don't find those wheels to be very fitting, those tires are looking very correct!
While I don't find those wheels to be very fitting, those tires are looking very correct!
Can't argue with that. Those were some I had laying around so, threw the tires on them for now.
Really nice cage work!

I also didn't really know what an F toy was and was gonna say why not ditch the frame because you almost have a complete cage but thats not the point of an F toy 🤦‍♂️

I'd take the 2nd set of wheels over the neo chrome wheels unless you're trying to do a late 90's/early 00's retro theme which could be cool too... I mean RAD
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