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tedo's optic


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Jan 1, 2010
Hi all,
I finally received mine in the mail today and immediately swapped a couple things. I never even ran it stock.
So far the mild upgrades that I pulled from my 2.2 capra are:
- My own handmade BFG cut n' shuts on Crawler Innovations plastic 1" wheels (2.2's measuring 5.25")
- Front vanquish rotor weights
- Fusion SE 1800kv

Impressions after running 2 x 3s 1300 packs (50 min runtime on each battery), is this rig is impressive. Its not a modified 4ws capra as far as tech crawling, however its a completely different style of driving. Its a rig that's fun to do donuts on loose sand, rip up muddy wet roots, water crossings... ya know basic trail bashing. It's really fun. It is a descent crawler though. This is my first VFD, and I can see why people love these platforms. Just a divine layout. Its so quite too!!! Such a great driving experience.

I can't wait to see what the future is going to bring w/ this buggy. My immediate plan is installing a Fusion Pro 2300, and putting the Fusion SE back in my Capra.

I will be doing my own vinyl graphics as well in the next day or so. I love this buggy.

Also, how do we add pics now? I thought we could now browse our computer, instead of using a photo platform?
Nice! Gladnto see you post up a thread. I agree, it is definitely a rig that's fun with some wheel speed. Sure would be nice to see Hobbywing come out with a 2700kv Fusion Pro.
Great pics, the tall tires look good on thar
yes! a 2700 Fusion would rule. I am also thinking a 2 speed VFD would be awesome for this truck!
A small update. I ditched the shitty shocks and installed the trusted traxxas 2660 with mini-t springs. As of now i have the medium springs in, however I will probably go soft. These are cheap and a solid reliable shock for over a decade. The dampening is so much better now.

I detailed the driver and added a new head. Will prolly get a doll head in there at some point. I also removed the massive fuel cell, and added a faux propain set-up. Will eventually get a real scale propain tank, however these were just laying around in my parts bin.

Still havent decided on livery. May just go retro race car.
Having a helleva time attaching images. It gives me an "ooops something went wrong" error message every time.
they are under 1mg each, so not sure.IMG_1725.jpgIMG_1729.jpgIMG_1731.jpg
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If you upgrade the motor, put stronger diff gears in it .....just saying;)
thats the plan! The SE is actually okay. But now I am thinking max 3000kv range after a half of week driving.

Would love a flat skid too.
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Does anyone make a VFD Flat skid for this? This is my first VFD platform, so I m kinda a noob w/ Vanquish.
Put a new doll in here instead of the plastic driver. I don't mind it. Been running this multiple times a day, just love this truck.
looks great with the new driver (y) good looking rig this
looks great with the new driver (y) good looking rig this
Thanks! The new driver kinda has a "friend of Ken" type of vibe. But I definitely like some cloth instead of molded plastic. Most of my buggy in th epast have had some sort or "realistic" driver. Gives it more texture.

I really really want a 2 speed trans in this. Excited for the after market offerings!
Perfect ride height now. Absolutely sticks to the rocks.
- Vanquish brake rotor weights f/r (2.2 weight in front / 1.9 weight in rear)
- 600 hubs all 4 corners
- Traxxas 2660 w/ Losi mini t soft springs all around w/ brass beeftube spring mounts

So good right now.