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Workbench - Take Two


I wanna be Dave
Sep 1, 2011
Douglassville, PA
Last year was drive every weekend. This year has been ...well, not so much. Only been out a handful of times, and quite a few projects have stalled out. Love this hobby, and sometimes you just burn out. So what do you do when you burn out? Work on the workbench! Cleaning and reorganizing always gets me revved up to wrench again.

We're doing a massive spring cleaning here at the house and there's a bunch of crap in the workshop that needs to go. Old furniture, shelves, and odd junk ends up down in the basement, and I usually end up figuring out a use for it. But it's not ideal, and took the opportunity to do some long needed changes. Decided to clean out the old junk, add some more shelves, and build an extension to the workbench. I'm about 1/2 way through and I'm already feel the itch to get building again... :) Of course, now I can't until I get this mess sorted out which is going to take a while. Enjoy the pics and iSpy moments as there's a ton of stuff lurking down here.

My main workbench... it's a freaking mess. I'd clean it off, but I have no where to go with everything. I'd like to add an extension off to the side for more bench space (when 3x8 is not enough room, you know you've got problems!) and move the TV from the middle of the bench so my ugly mug isn't every every picture. Plus, my paint area is completely piled with stuff, can't paint a thing.

Some of the junk in my workshop... this is my old computer desk and I've been using it for RC. Not exactly practical, it has to go. Packed with crap as is every surface down here which is why I'm losing my mind.

Some more odds and ends - my daughters old desk top got moved down here, and promptly got put to work as a shelf. Again, needs to go.

The great move has begun...brought in a temp table and a bunch of bins and everything needs to be moved and piled up.

Picked up some plastic shelving and relocated some of my TC's, radios and other odds and ends over from the benches. Temporarily piled over here until I make room.

I used scrap wood in the garage to make the bench extension. Thankfully I had just enough. Fine furniture maker I am not... as long as it's strong, sturdy and (mostly) square I'm happy.


Shelves added on the extension, and made a small TV mount in the corner. Can't easily reach over there anyway, perfect spot for it. Primed all the wood and hoping for the best.


Started on color. Black for the shelves and gray for the bench top. As much as I would like an all black bench, the idea of trying to find small black parts rolling around on a black bench with these old eyes give me hives. So gray it is. Left side of the bench has a gray back section for pic purposes. I don't post a lot of build threads anymore, but I still take a ton of pics of every project so I can look back when I'm old, feeble, and gray (not far off, I'm pretty feeble already) and relive the fun. :)

Lots to do... I have LED lights for under the shelves, a few cool touches I'd like to add, and then the real work begins - sorting out the mess. And brother, I got a mess. This is a long term "rainy day" project as I have some other things around the house getting my attention but I'll keep chipping away as I can. First order will be to get my batteries dug back out and charger set up - it was on an old mini fridge for some reason that has now found it's way to the dumpster - so I can go play again.

AND my reward for all this is a shiny new Tamia BT01 kit to build when the bench is done. Picked up 2 more TRX4M's yesterday too... Ford High trail and the Ford monster truck for camping next week... but I have no idea where my mini box is. *sigh*
Camped for a week, came back, and it's still a mess. :) Lights came in while I was gone though, so need to get them installed.

Got some things to do outside this week, but hoping to get back down and start organizing soon.
Got a little more done yesterday... Father's day was great, had a good breakfast with the family (that I made) and then was free to get some work done. Already, the RC burnout has faded and I'm itching to get back to it. Got a long way to go yet though!

Work surface of the bench got 3 coats of concrete gray and 3 coats of poly on top. I filled in about 50 drill holes in the top of the bench, it looked like swiss cheese in a few spots and the gray just highlighted it all. Let it all dry while I was away camping.

I installed LED's on both sides under the lowest shelves. The "photo area" shelf is pretty high and the LED's would be shining right in my eyes when I'm sitting so I had to whip up a little fascia to block them out. Worked out nice though I had to trim a bit in the back to get the TV on the mount.

Made a blocker for the right side, stuff rolls off the side of the table from time to time, usually it's a small piece I desperately need, and it's a PITA to get back there and find screws and stuff. No more! Couldn't move the bench out (well, I could have but it would have been a ton of work) so I added a nailer and some brackets and painted the entire thing black.

LED test from head height - fascia works out great!! shelf brackets are white and driving me nuts, I'll give them a quick spray of black so they blend in.

TV installed, I could never get to the back of it before, so I could never get to the inputs on the back. Added a Roku box, input for my tablet and a little JBL speaker connected to the TV which I can also connect up for tunes. Way better than the POS 20 year old radio I had crammed in here. A welcome upgrade all around, and the TV is no longer going to be in my pictures!

All this took me about 5 hours yesterday, made a few custom cords and had to figure out how to run all the wiring so it was hidden. Well worth it, so far everything is nice and clean. 1 more small project to go before I start adding all my crap back on the shelves. Also found out my LED shop lights hanging on the ceiling are shot - both are only 50% lit up, and the third quit a while ago. All three need to be replaced. :(
TV installed, I could never get to the back of it before, so I could never get to the inputs on the back. Added a Roku box, input for my tablet and a little JBL speaker connected to the TV which I can also connect up for tunes. Way better than the POS 20 year old radio I had crammed in here. A welcome upgrade all around, and the TV is no longer going to be in my pictures!

Protip: I epoxied a 1' HDMI extension, and a USB hub to the bottom of my workbench TV, exposing those ports on the bottom front of it. Makes having it on the workbench 1000x easier to access.
Workbench is finished! Spent a few hours down there putzing around while recuperating after 8 hours of working in the heat yesterday and got it complete.

Shop lights! My old ones were only 1/3 lit, a few banks of LED's had gone bye-bye, so new lights all around. It's 3x as bright down there now, which is good since these old eyes need a lot of light.

Added a small pull out workspace. It was on the desk I took out, I saved it and modified it to work on the bench. No idea what to do with it, but it will come in handy. Thinking a nice little tool storage area.

Painted the pull out and shelf brackets, and showing off the new lights.


and some mood lighting. :)

Love how it all came together. Now it's sort and organize time... and holy cow, there's a lot to sort out!