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06BlackTaco 08-12-2015 02:25 AM

Scorpion Resurrection
Brought back from the dead. It's been years - I don't remember anything about it, but searched like crazy and there's too much damn info to comprehend juggling 5 new rigs recently (kids got into RC) We purchased some acreage that has an awesome creek running through it, and I want to build some cool areas to crawl.
When cranking steering full turn the throttle cuts out, and shocks hit the tires.
Offset wheels? Or extend axle which I would like the wider stance. Not sure how though. Lockouts or something?

Radio Range is 10ft max. I have a new 2.4 Rx/Tx coming soon.

Is my goofy battery thing okay? I just drilled some holes and mounted to the rear axle so I could run Lipos. The previous setup was a NiMh saddle pack on the front axle that I ditched.

Are there any cheap shock upgrades?

I think I have a dig unit in a baggy - no idea how to set it up though.

Thoughts on this old rig?
Should I drop a brushless motor in it?
I know the front/rear are locked.






LAY80N 08-12-2015 04:33 AM

Re: Scorpion Resurrection
Do you have an external BEC fitted? If you dont, the throttle cutting out is your steering servo overdrawing the ESC's internal BEC. Fitting a Castle Creations BEC will stop this. Most people mount their lipo on the front axle as it gets the weight forward which helps the rig climb. If you get an offset servo plate (servo to one side) you can get a lipo on the other side of the plate, though I'm not sure if your lipo you have now will fit there sorry. Most sportsman type rigs run small lipo's (850mAh or smaller). As far as widening the track width, you have a few different options. You can swap rims to ones with different back spacing, you can grab some wider hexes or extenders. Or you can do the AX2XR conversion. Which option is best will depend on your budget and what you are planning to do with the rig. The XR2AX conversion swaps the xr10 uni's and knuckle/chub setup onto the AX10 axles. By using aftermarket tube inserts you can widen the front axle at the same time as gain a heap of steering and strength. The other options also widen the axle, but dont provide extra strength. Also that amount of flex will hinder your performance. Generally around a tyre height of flex (5" or so) is a good point to aim for. By limiting your shocks internally and externally you can tune it to your preference. Which dig unit do you have? Post up a few pics and someone will be able to help you out "thumbsup"

06BlackTaco 08-12-2015 09:13 AM

Re: Scorpion Resurrection
Awesome information! Thank you!!! I'll look for a front axle plate.
So the 850 Lipo packs, do those last quite a while in a crawler?
I bought a BEC 10amp for my yeti, but the Yeti does nothing like this thing.
I'll check out the xr2ax swap. Any ballpark ok cost? $100ish?
I'll post pics of the dig when I can get my hands on it. Thanks a bunch!!!

mammoth 08-12-2015 10:13 AM

Re: Scorpion Resurrection
For the conversion just go check out this sticky
It has all the info you need to do the conversion.
An 850mah pack should get you about 20 mins run time per pack maybe more depending on usage.
I would also look into getting a stronger servo in the 300oz + range to really throw it around. Other than that go have fun and upgrade as you see fit. Your next upgrade after that I would look into a new chassis but the old stock one still works well!

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