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bexline 08-01-2020 10:45 PM

Power Servo's from Balance Port
I have 2 HH Servos (4ws) which are direct to battery power. I am running them with the 3brothers balance port wiring adapter which lets me tie both servos into the balance port on the battery. Any feedback on if this setup is ok?

Greatscott 08-02-2020 09:41 AM

Re: Power Servo's from Balance Port
Sure, the tron don't care, and that 22awg wire is big enough to carry the current. I would find it a bit of a pain in the butt to have to connect two connectors all of the time; and, on some packs, the balance port wires are not the best. I think I would just wire up a JST (or other simular plug) coming off of the main battery plug that that everything gets plugged in and not have to be fiddled with.

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