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grob23 finally builds a cheater rig


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Nov 12, 2005
Not 100% sure what I'm doing here, but I though it'd be a fun and challenging project considering parts availability, age, and popularity these days. I never thought I'd own a "comp" crawler that wasn't a TLT, and I believe I'm at a disadvantage due to my knowledge of MOA rigs but oh well

The seller said these were V3 axles, but after some research I'm not so sure. Regardless, I attempted to find a PDF instruction manual for the V3 tracer kit with no luck.

Does anyone have a manual they can send me? Any format is fine; PDF or even a print manual. I'd love to be able to reference it while I put these axles back together.

Here's a few pics of the axles. Can Anyone identify what I working with here?

Also, here's a pic of the chassis I'll be using, can anyone say what it is? It appears to be broken in the back, and the hardware is mismatched.

Lastly, does anyone have any leads for axle parts :lmao: I'd even be interested in used parts8)

Any tips/tricks/comments/etc would be GREATLY appreciated!
I believe I got ahold of a T1E Moonbuggy chassis "The Stage" if my research holds true...

The rear of the chassis was broken so I trimmed it crudely. I'll file it all down and make it look nice eventually, maybe. I also did away with the cab as I prefer to run a body. That left me with only 2 braces so I used the 2 extra from the cab and shortened them.

I think the rear links are KK (Kamikaze Kustoms?) High clearance links, and the front lowers are delrin with Revo ends

Upper links and shocks are on todays agenda, while I build an order for parts to get the axles going

While the pic is not 100% correct, here's what I've found

I'll be running Axial Big Bore shocks with Revo balls in the shock ends. I also plan to mod the caps and run short Axial ends with Incision balls. Axial SCX springs in the yellow flavor seemed to fit the bill, and I of course will be running SCX lower spring retainers. I plan to flip the Pre-Load collar to capture the spring and install it as low as possible. Hopefully giving me a proper feeling suspension, but I have white springs standing by as they'll no longer be adjustable.

Any tips or comments? Can you confirm any of my research? Manual?:lmao:

I have plenty of cleaning/modding to do. Update hopefully soon
How's it coming? I've always wanted to build a berg. Thinking about 3D printing an axle just to see if I want to machine an aluminum set.
How's it coming? I've always wanted to build a berg. Thinking about 3D printing an axle just to see if I want to machine an aluminum set.

Coming along nicely! Kinda hit a wall waiting on parts but I've got a few things in and should have an update soon

DEFINITELY print an axle and post up the results!"thumbsup" I'd love to see these axles and especially the tech make a comeback
Shocks are done! I installed em and once again shortened braces and put em between the upper links.

The front axle is mostly back together. Now I'm deciding what to do for steering. I have a V1 servo mount, but I want a different look. Something along the lines of how a DLux servo mount leaves the underside of the axle tube clear from obstruction seems appealing to me. I gotta figure out how to do it, I'm no machinist:ror:
I haven't forgot about this build:lmao: Been busy working on my other projects and rigs...

I finally got the rear axle rebuilt to my liking the other day

Still have some cleanup to do on the motor(s), but the rear axle is ready to be installed!
After years of this rig sitting around I've finally decided to abandon these axles. Minimal support and machinist skill has helped make the determination on converting this rig to a shafty. I'll be using AR60 axles that I've had laying around; so the wheels and tires and body will in fact live on...
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