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Hulksta Berg w/DeLux precision

Lol....I expected a lot worse than that :oops: that red face can't get red enough...

I never knew, makes you wonder what other surprises lay instore

I have a great deal to finish at work this week....tape out day on Friday ...so not too much attention to this this week.

But it's nice knowing I can move on from this with a little more tweaking.

Again...good call Larry...I'm sure you caused a few forehead slaps ot there. "thumbsup". Thanks for checking this out
although the thought of self gear mesh is a bit hard to swallow.

Trust me, it is for almost everybody. You have no idea how many people want their gears to turn like butter before even running them. I cant tell you how many people I have had send them back after trying to convince them to run it and they wouldnt. I end up running the gears for just a minute or two and they run perfect and they are happy. If you have dealt with gears much, you will know even outside of RC there are quite a few gears, (maybe even most?) that like to mesh with each other.

The 12t is going to be hard to setup and I could never get mine to sound just right. They also wore out on me really quickly. I highly suggest at least a 14t for these reasons.

There is so much to learn in this hobby and in the World in general. I know it can be frustrating learning new things. I am going through my taxes right now. LOL.
Great to hear you reply Eric...gives me a lot of confidence this will actually work. Yes I do have a lot to learn..especially about the berg...that's why I wanted to try these axles.

I am one of those that likes a smooth and quiet tranny. I will run this till the cows come home if that's what it takes. I will also re-think my gearing for a 14t in there....anything to make this a bit easier.

thanks again...."thumbsup"
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Great news, thats an easy fix! Now go scratch them up!

Lol....I expected a lot worse than that :oops: that red face can't get red enough...

I never knew, makes you wonder what other surprises lay instore

I have a great deal to finish at work this week....tape out day on Friday ...so not too much attention to this this week.

But it's nice knowing I can move on from this with a little more tweaking.

Again...good call Larry...I'm sure you caused a few forehead slaps ot there. "thumbsup". Thanks for checking this out
Ya, hope to put some wheels on this weekend

I still have a lot of work to do to this
Re-do the smash and mount the esc's in the belly
Change my shock mounts on the chassis....they are way too tight.
I have some radio calibration to do also....my rear motor is delayed at start up

And I have zero time.....:cry: Work....:flipoff:

All I can say is it keeps me in this hobby..."thumbsup"
Shock cap mod will give you alot more freedom. I'll look for a link. Theres a youtube vid im sure too.

Hey Curt, I have a cap mod....it makes for a much longer shock....longer than I want anyway. I have some big bore cap mounts I picked up from Dlux that will help to free up the shocks. I didn't like them right away, but tried a couple in the 5 min I had last night. I think they will work.
I used the shortest traxxas rod end on both top and bottom, then they are internally limited to shortem the shock a little more.
Back in October....I started this build with XR axles
Then I moved to these DLux Superlights and moved to the Berg section.
You've been patient and a big help with suggestions, and encouragement along the way for my nubieness and lack of knowledge of the berg stuff.


As of yesterday and a few more trials at gear mesh....I actually don't mind the sound emitting from these fine axles....so much so, I've put aside the smash re-do and repositioning, and re-route of the electronics....just for today....and have decided to mount a set of tires on it and see how it runs. Failed to take any pics last night...but I will today.

Put the stock battery mount on....because I don't have an alternative right now (hint, hint.... Oh Winner dude)....:mrgreen:

Also, got the 12t to sound pretty decent in the front....the rear has a 13t in it and it was cake to mesh....ordered a couple of pinions from Dlux...and of course then was able to mesh the 12....Murphy right :flipoff: may still change them when I get them.

Discovered the delay in the rear motor is radio related, not motor....."thumbsup"
Like these motors, will have to figure out the transmitter issue. Tried a separate motor in the rear....same results.

Pictures later....looks like rain here....was hoping to spin it around the back yard for a bit.

It's a "red letter" day. Been waiting for this a long time.....:)"thumbsup"
That's a good video..thanks for that Curcal...

I have caps, but they are using 4mm hardware. I have so many BB shocks, have to try this on a set.

It didn't rain on me yesterday....but it was wet all the time...so I never made it outside with this rig. Only crawled up the stairs and over the dog and such inside....

I have way too much wheel speed, holly crap....need to tone that down a bit.

Also have a delay in the rear motor I can't seem to adjust. Front motor starts way ahead of the rear motor. Can't find any adjustment on the GT3c...or haven't looked far enough. Don't remember seeing any adjustment with the Hotwire for the FXRs either. I'll get to the bottom of that today....
Some stuff:

The electronics are going to change. I probably will not modify this smash, as it works very well in the Mantis chassis. Instead, I will probably smash a couple FXR pros in the belly....they actually fit end to end, even with a case on them, right down the middle of the bikini skid and below the shocks....



Hard to see, but it will fit

Loaded....68.5 oz....with the tires on


Battery has to go somewhere else...


Thanks for looking
Yeah he uses 4mm hardware to mount into traxxas revo rodends (like the one on your links). With the 3mm hardware you can use the shortest rod ends (like at the end of your shock shafts).
I've had the same frustration with piñon mesh I just built ccc berg axles and was ready to give up until blandon text me and told me about your issue. I've been racing competivly for over 10 years and have run every piece of rc you can think of but never knew about a metric 48 pitch gear :shock::twisted:

Aaaaaah what a newbie :oops:

Just ordered sum;-)
I feel your pain Stankulas

I feel your pain....never knew, don't ya just love this hobby ?
Been playing since the first rc-10 tin tub and a frog
None of that was metric.

I have had no time this week...12-14 hour days make you tired.

I did receive my skins from Krawler Koncepts "thumbsup""thumbsup""thumbsup"
Man are they nice

Promise I'll get back to this and some more pics soon....including those skins "thumbsup"
Some update....

Had a great day...was raining here, didn't get to do any crawling, so we worked on the electronics issues I had. Nice to do something with this after the week I had

No more motor delay....re-bound the rear esc and checked the Tekin Hotwire settings again....seems it did not take the original settings I programmed...they match now. My drag break was way too strong as well...

Had some miss-match with esc speed after that (if that makes sense) like the motors wouldn't turn at the same rpm....and would take turns running hot or cold...BEC wasn't set at 7.4v....

So...both motors start the same time now and run at the same speeds
What a concept hey :mrgreen:
Dig works good...at least on the bench. Might be a bit weak though....I do see how I can increase that if I need to in some real time situations.
Some minor tweaks in order I'm sure, but all in all, real happy with today's results.

So, I got real brave and took my smash apart. :shock:

Blandon would be proud....thanks for the help offer in an earlier post good sir.
My soldering skills leave a lot to be desired...and there's some delicate points where there are multiple pieces soldered together. Of course this is what needs to change.
This rig has been a bucket of challenges for me right from the start....just one more little one to get over...would help if my soldering iron didn't decide to take a dump though.

One thing I have noticed though ....I have about two packs run thru this now, some bench running and some real crawling in the back yard....nothing major, just kind of moving it around ....but it has quieted down considerably "thumbsup". Eric was right....it seems to mesh better the more I run it.

Real positive day today "
Thanks for looking
Played with this some more today
Actually smashed and re-smashed it three times...finally found a solution I can live with. One of my issues was the size of the cap on the FXR...it's as wide as the esc...has to be right on the posts. There's got to be a smaller solution. I have access to a component engineer at work....maybe he can find something.
I've also heard of people not running them...not sure that's a good idea running two.

If you don't have the cap, you can run em back to back in the belly and sit on the bikini skid. If you run two FXR pros you can run them end to end....no caps of course. With the caps neither scenario works.

So, burned my finger, melted a wire on my BEC and cussed a lot. But, as I said, found a place I can live with and run the wires efficiently. The only thing was, I took the chassis off the axles so I could move the links around trying to fit this. Figured I'd need to do that anyway to get the skins on.
It sits in pieces.....so sad to see that....but it's not the first time....nor will it be the last...just didn't get to finish it. Won't get to it this week either....it will be back and ready to run this time.

Thanks for checking it out....pictures were pathetic...sorry
Take a pic of your smash job. I have successfully got fxr's very small with cap
Take a pic of your smash job. I have successfully got fxr's very small with cap

I would, except the last version I have isn't really smashed any more...size wise anyway....they sit side by side behind the cab right now.

I wonder if I need the cap at all....one cap, two caps, ....no caps

The most efficient way is back to back with FXR pros....but the caps when sitting on top make it too tall with the shocks hitting them....too wide with the cap sitting on the side...

Wish some other Ridler owners would share some suggestions....I'm out of options.