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let s make a new mini - WIP


Rock Stacker
Apr 8, 2008
try to make a new mini - WIP

Hi guys,

first of all, i appologise that my frenchy bad english sucks :mrgreen: so please be kind :mrgreen:

Here is a new project born in my head few months ago
- use commercial parts
- low cost of build (as possible)
- Wrcca rules ready


- chassis must accpet a gearbox made with standards parts and ratio closed to the original losi mrc)
- axles with standards parts to accepts actual lockout and popular steering setup
- front axle with 1 low profil servo, esc, rx, lipo 2s 130mah
- find enought space
components choice:
- bevel gears from ar44 (30/8 on rear and 27/8 on front)
- standard size 380 brushed motor
- chassis / skid / plates : 3mm lasercut delrin
- gearbox with mod 0.5 and main gear from sakura 1/10 like
- Axles will be 3d printed PA / SLS (sculpteo)

few months ago, i started with that first design, inspired by Ventru shafty from my friend Pat from PsychoPat' Crawler Parts.

cad project:

few days later...

and the gearbox

the gearbox was ok but axles for smal gears was to thin (2.5mm diam) and the ratio was wrong because of a stupid error of mathematics (shame on me) :lmao:

Axle mod consist to cut tubes, make upper link riser system for rear, and a servo plate for front.
For both axles, need to built a 3d printed part to fit on c-hub (from ar44 or AR60)



first try, first mistakes :)

after making that shot i realised that chassis design wasn t good because of some parts can t be resized from 1/10 to 1/18 :)

end of the first release :roll:

2nd release was like a reboot...

the small 3d part for axles was too thin so i tryed with full printed tubes



nice but...

but the screwed part of tubes were not enought strong... then, lets try to print full axles, more strong "thumbsup"

Chassis and gearbox : fully re-draw to :
- accept bigger gears and shafts (5mm) from standards parts from industry or rc parts
- accept 2 type of shocks mounting screws (M3 or M2.5 for many chineese lowcost shocks)
- use standards bearings
- place motor inside gearbox
- enable to flip motor front to rear in gearbox and left to right side
- optional : if it fit, od/ud built-in gearbox


Axles are designed, front will be for ar60 c-hub and rear with home made lockers



Here we are !
i m waiting postman
some news as soon as possible "thumbsup"
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3d print ... for scx10 II c-hub
some dimensions need correction but i m happy of this first shot

to be continued
That is some great parts you are making Ludo!
You can use meltwerk.com, it cheaper than Shapeways and great quality.
I'm very curious as to what gear you use on this.
I had been imagining the same (integrated gearbox) but couldn't find suitable gears...
Keeps us posted on your progress!!
Hi all,
thanks for your comments

for the moment, i m planning to use standards 48dp pinions closely equivalent to 0.5 mod delrin/copper gears found in robotics. The main gear will be a 1/10 76T or 85T from sakura dtm or other brand.
5 mm diameter axles will be stronger than v1

At this point, i m not that sure to make a OD/UD inside gearbox because i ll use ar44 gears in axles witch are available for UD/OD without any tunning.

I still waiting the delrin panels for chassis and gearbox but it will probably take more time as usual because of world covid crysis... now i am 15 days "stay at home" to make corrections for another 3d print comand


i m a bit sad that mini section was classified in that "heritage crawler" group by rcc admin... this won t make the class growing for sure :cry:
THis is awesome. I think as these become more and more obsolete the creation of parts will be critical
Anything new? Such cool stuff you're building. I love seeing the mini's still get love. I recently built a "mini" although its just for fun I don't do competition stuff so the wheelbase/width aren't "true" to comp per say. Keep up the posts!!

thanks you for ur attention "thumbsup"
Unforunetly, i still waiting delrin plates from production but covid19 crisys in Europe stopped all since 2 weeks, production are closed, shipping are very delayed or cancel. We all hope the situation won t continue that long... everybody here have to stay at home until 4 weeks :evil:

take care all you ppl
bump !

Quarantine still on here... can t get panels for chassis... a long time i m thinking about it ... let s get a 3d printer then "thumbsup"

some pics from the mini project :

center box:


front axle (wip)





stay tuned !
hey all,

news from the mini lab

front axle top case with upper link and servo burger mount





rear axle fit for scx10 II lockout



then, first trial fit for link geometry with prototypes and scratched parts,
i still a lot of work to go on rocks but i feel i m on the right way...





to be continued
hey ya all !
today, first lipo test :)

no OD/UD , no shiny parts, no CF tubes, no cable managment, just the first run to try a full lipo on the rocks and .... and .... and .... he is Alive ! "thumbsup"

many lil parts to modify but all in all, i feel that mini pretty nice to drive !

any pics for ya











keep in touch "thumbsup"