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My new ECX Temper Gen 2 compared to my custom Losi Mini Rock Crawler


Jan 4, 2009
I’m putting the Losi on eBay tomorrow so I figured I’d do a size comparison while I still have them both. “1/18” has changed a lot over the years haha. I might see if there is any other parts interchangeability later tonight. I’m sure the Losi electronics would work in the Temper and vice verse but I doubt anything in the drivetrain will since the new Temper is using all 1/12 stuff from the Barrage Gen 2.






I was looking at getting one of these so I am not messing with my Built Losi Mini when I just want to mess around. Looks like its a bit better than the Gen 1 Temper.
That Gen 2 looks pretty impressive especially for the price point. I've got a couple of the Gen 1 Tempers and that one looks a hundred times more capable without even seeing it in person.
I like what they have done. I find it so weird that they made JUST a little bit bigger than 1.9 class dimensions allow though for wheelbase and width.
Ecx has a new mini!? This is great news.
I was worried Ecx was going to move away from Comp crawlers like others have.
I'm wondering how much suspension work it will take to add more narrow wheels. Can't wait to get my hands on one.

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Having them side by side what are some things you like and dont like about each vs the other. have also been contemplating the new ecx
I just got an ecx.. I know this is an older thread but I’m just going to say the ECX is way more capable mostly due to the larger wheels and axels. I was crawling with my son. I gave him the temper and I ran my old mrc.. I wish this community could keep the MRC’s alive along with parts.


<a href="https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/H-l50SLAyq-Mz2MAUs_fnYdiEDzwYuYZqZqOaCHhQEVEzw0J7l4jadAb41pnT22RnSUFzS8FNaQvw6HzvBQTBfkV9V-CYnW4YrL_IZTbqO-Ut4CG3u5huzTFW3Zhd-xJjRNsQ3MWDA=w2400?source=screenshot.guru"> <img src="https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/H-l50SLAyq-Mz2MAUs_fnYdiEDzwYuYZqZqOaCHhQEVEzw0J7l4jadAb41pnT22RnSUFzS8FNaQvw6HzvBQTBfkV9V-CYnW4YrL_IZTbqO-Ut4CG3u5huzTFW3Zhd-xJjRNsQ3MWDA=w600-h315-p-k" /> </a>
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