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Thread: any upcoming 2.2 releases?

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Default any upcoming 2.2 releases?

Just getting back into crawling and wondered if anyone had any info on upcoming releases from axial or other companies. I have 1.9 scale rigs but would love a 2.2 build to do over the upcoming winter. Something maybe like a bomber? Anybody know any info on new rigs coming out soon?
I had thought about a ryft or maybe picking up a used bomber but I don't want to buy anything discountinued or about to be.

who has the juicy leak info haha
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Default Re: any upcoming 2.2 releases?

RC4WD Miller Motorsports rock racer is the only one that I know of.

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Default Re: any upcoming 2.2 releases?

Pickings are slim in the 2.2 scale world these days. Traxxas' High Trails are 2.2 I think.

But since you're asking about a Bomber, that Miller Motorsports that Max-D referred to is unfortunately your best bet. I say unfortunately because it's currently out of stock. But its brand new, and RC4WD seems to keep their models around for a while, instead of discontinuing them.quickly like Axial.

I'm currently re-assembling mine, after completely tearing it down.
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Default Re: any upcoming 2.2 releases?

redcat has a few 2.2 rigs the windigo a kinda solid axle basher and the crawler version the marksman there pretty durable but your upgrade paths are limited by the aftermarket and there 8th scale rigs too so there big mammer jammers
i have to mention the everest 10 also even though its cheap and kinda sucks it still being sold new and comes stock with 2.2
theres also the losi lazernut if your looking for more of a u4 rig with 4 wheel independent suspension
the ryft but it dosent seem to have the following of the rest of the axial rigs have
the high trail trx4s are pretty cool
there a few off brands too in the more 1/8th scae range but i cant remeber the names of them right now
the wraith spawn is still for sale new and you could aways build a bomber or wraith the parts are still available and there are lots of metal cages outhere for them to build off of
the upside to building a ar60 based rig is the ar60 axles are cheap these days and the parts that go inside seem to be alot stronger than the old stuff the only down side is there old and some compays arent making the good sherbert any more so things like spools and bearing retainers are getting harder to find and some companys just stoped making ar60 based stuff like ssd and there awsome centered pumpkin rear axle housings

alot of people are running 2.2 wheels on there capras too they dont come with 2.2s but its pretty common to see them on 2.2s you would mostlikly want to upgrade the transmission though stock there really high geared

the miller motor whosit is so new not even fallen has given us a durability update on his yet but it s a 2.2 rig

there are a few options but with scale being the new hotness the 2.2 rigs are getting bigger to keep there scale looks that could be good or bad depending on what your looking for

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Default Re: any upcoming 2.2 releases?

thanks so much for your replies and info guys!! much appreciated! I considered the ryft but it seems more basher based and I mostly just trail and crawl. I know you can get lockers and such for it but not sure it's what I want. I built a bomber a few years ago and sadly sold it before I ever got to use it as I got into fpv flying and sold it for funds to build some drones. The miller motorsports rig looks pretty cool actually. I'm thinking a caged vehicle like that with some 2.2's would be a fun addition to a couple 1.9 scale rigs I got. I have seen some good deals on some bombers and such but I like building kits and winter is boring so looking for a kit to enjoy building. I am going to keep my eyes open and see what I find.
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