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Thread: CONVERTING Stock AX10 into a SW3 All Out 2.2 COMP RIG (Build!! w/ PICS)

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Thumbs up CONVERTING Stock AX10 into a SW3 All Out 2.2 COMP RIG (Build!! w/ PICS)

Whats Up guys, I had been looking into getting a rock crawler for some time. and Ended up with a stock AX10. It wasnt a day after that I was already looking into converting this into something that was real comp ready. After Searching and reading alot on this forum I had enough info to start a full conversion.

Here is what it looked Like Stock.

I emediatly noticed that there was not neer as much articulation as other builds. I wanted more stearing. I also needed diffrent tires, needed to ad weight to the rims, and deffinently go with some diffrent insersts. After a few guys from RCCRAWLER pointing me into the right dirrection, I had a full list to order.

Here is what I went with

From Bender Customs http://http://www.bendercustoms.com/
SW3 Silver frame Chassis with exstended skidplate (Eisier to mount the R2 Tranny or the Axial) Brad is a super cool guy, he even went to His Local Hobby shop to get the Jato links to ship out with the Chassis. Way Cool of him.

From RCP Crawlers http://rcpcrawlers.com/
I got the Aluminu Axle C's, High Clearence Knuckles, Losi Rock Claws, Kreepy Pink Narrow for front, Kreepy Red Wide for rear. Super soft Axial Springs and A HPI Bug Body (that I painted with rattle cans and parma mask tape)

After meeting Brian in Person I picked up a set of
RC4WD Beadlock Wheels

From RC4WD http://rc4wdstore.com/index.php?cPath=36
I got the Black R2 w/ Disconect and the Staight Axle Lock Out and Stainless solid axles

From Holmes Hobbies http://holmeshobbies.com/home.php
Crawlmaster Sport Mamba Max Combo

From Local Hobby Shop
Went with the Axial Front Battery/Servo mount . 1250 Mah 3Cell Lipo to mount over Axle. Wheel Weights, and Misc Hardware to complete the conversion.


ALL RIGHT, W/ everything in, I mounted the wheels to my new Losi Rock Claws. I used
(FRONT) RC4WD Beadlock Wheels, Kreepy Krawler RED WIDE Memory foams and 3oz of stick on weights to both front wheels.
(REAR) RC4WD Wheels, Kreepy Krawler PINK WIDE and 1 1/2 oz of weight on each wheel
This was an unbelievable Diffrence from stock axial wheels foams and tires. The weight added alone helped my front end stay down, and the mem foam really helps the tires mold to the rocks. the tires, speak for themselve, SUPPER STICKY

With the wheels Done

Now I assembled the new SW3 Chassis. I had to install the Chasssis on opposite sides to work with the R2D w/ Disconect Tranny. Nothing hard, just make sure if your going twith the R2D that you put the left side of the Chassis on the right

I Now installed all my RCP and RC4WD Aluminum Upgrades. In the front I added the Aluminum Knuckles and Clockable Axle C's. The High Clearence knuckles added a substancial amount of stearing. In the rear i installed the RC4WD rear Lock Outs.

I then added the Axial option battery mount servo mount plate. I was using a large two cell lipo and it was to High on the Chassis. I wanted to get the weight lower and over the front wheels. I went with a smaller 3 Cell Lipo and it all fit Perfect. For the Steering I used an ACE 1313 Servo.

Now It was time to transfer everything to the new SW3 Chassis

This was Very Simple, Just unbolt all the links from the Axial Chassis, Replace the stock bottom links with some shorter JATO LINKS, At this Time i also installed the Super Soft Axial springs onto the Shocks. I then Reinstall everything onto the SW3 Chassis, in the mounting locations as shown

I then choose to extend the upper y link. The angle on the drive shaft was to steep so I added a spacer (I used a spare shock mounting ball, but an axial aluminum spacer would be better) to the rear of the y link and this angled the shapt upwards creating less of an angle.

Now it was time to mount the R2D w/ Disconect. In order to keep the tranny centered into the chassis I had to go with a diffrent motor. The stock lathe motor was too long and required mounting the trannny all the way forward. Doing this created to much of an angle on the drive shafts. After a few searches and a PM to holmes hobbies, i just went with a new motor that was shorter in deminsions. I went with a holmes hobbies CRAWLMASTER SPORT. not only does it fit nice, it is the perfect crawler motor.

Now was the hard Part. Finding a clean way to mount the dig Servo and to make sure it wouldnt bind the linkage.

I got An aluminum MONTANA SCALE DESIGNS Servo mount from Brian at RCP Crawlers.

( You can Email Him here to get the mount) http://rcpcrawlers.com/help.php?sect...us&mode=update

I told him I was trying to re work my dig set up in my SW3 and he just said "here try this and let me know how it works". He Just gave it to me for free. Thanks Brian I took it home scratched my head a little while looking at the chassis and then, Bam. Turns out it fits perfect. just drilled an extra hole in the side to secure the bracket to the chassis with two screws instead of one. I used a standard airtronics servo horn thatt came with the Axial kit but I am sure any regular horn will work. The linkage is very short. I had to cut down two ball caps and put them together with a piece of theaded rod that was cut very short (all done with a dremel, not hard at all) then I cut out a section in the top so I could get a screw driver to screw the ball end to the R2D Disconect. With this mount, the linkage lines up perfect and at the exact height as needed. There is no binding what so ever and it is smooth as butter. The servo mounts to the standard holes that are drilled already in the mount. All in all, it is the cleanest set up that I have seen so far IMHO, It keeps the servo and weight low and gives options and space to mount electronics on top. I mounted my BEC on top of it Well here are some pics, I hope it helps anyone that is trying to mount a dig servo in their SW3. Later guys, Patrick

I then traced some stock aluminum sheeting to cut a piece to mount on top of the Front Y-LinK. This gave me a very clean place to mount the mamba Max ESC. I Then routed the wiring as clean as I could. I kept everything up front and as low as i could for weight distibution.

After all was done, I was very pleased. I have run it it 2 little cops on friday nights at RCP Crawlers. RCP Crawlers Friday night Indoor Comps
I have never placed but my rig terrains everything that the other guys do. I just need to practice allot more at my driving and stop snapping drive shafts. I have now added the optional axial drive shaft rings in hopes that that will help, but better yet, i will probably be getting the traxass drive shafts.

I hope this helps anyone looking to upgrade there AX10. I know i really enjoy my conversion and it makes a huge difference if your looking to compete. If you ever need any help feel free to post here and I will answer the questions the best i can. I got alot of help from guys on this forum and i learned quite a bit. I will help in any way I can. Take care, Patrick

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very nice build props man
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Damn nice 1st crawler and build up

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Thanks for the comments guys. I had allot of input from everyone , and Rockpiledriver from RCP Crawlers really helped me out alot. If you guys have any comments, good or bad , they are very much appreciated. i am now looking at what steps to take next to really turn this into a dominating and capable rig so your input is really appreciated. If there is anything that i can help answer in your own build feel free to let me know and i will help you out the best that I can. Later, Patrick
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I sold this like over a year ago. I cant remember who bought it, I miss it and would love to buy it back. If you have it PM me, Thanks
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Ok I have to ask... Y would have you sold that? That think is amazing!!! I wish mine wad built like that?

What did you end up selling it for?
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