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Thread: Ceramic Bearings?

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Default Ceramic Bearings?

Are they any better than the normal bearing, and if they are how? Also where can I get some if I would want to buys some? For a AX-10 trans, and axle’s.
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A huge study was done on c bearings in the cycling world. They determined that based on power output ceramic bearings only improved times by second over 20 miles. So with that in mind I'm hard pressed to spend that kind of money on these bearings for a crawler.
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The differences between a high quality steel bearings and standard ceramic bearings aren't enormous in terms of how well they spin. The difference comes in the weight and durability of the bearing. A ceramic bearing is apparantly harder and so it shouldn't pit as easily.

Going back to the cycling world. There are even some top wheel manufacturers who are prefering to fit better quality steel bearings rather than ceramic. They say that for the small weight penalty, there isn't a huge difference in performance but it really keeps the cost of the wheels down making them more affordable. There is a company in the UK who make (ior import) ceramic bearings that spin for minutes, literally. Their Bottom Bracket will just spin for ever and ever but it comes in a whopping £179 which is 2 to 3 times more than a 'nice' BB from other manufacturers.

Some riders have been known to run the bearings in their wheels with no seals to reduce friction further which definately does work on rubber sealed bearings. For a higher speed application that I would say that ceramics are worth it if you've got everything else on the truck/vehicle on it's maximum, otherwise just use steel.

EDIT: Ultimate Ceramic Bearings who make the really low friction ceramics.
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IMO Avid RC is the best place for bearings.
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Thank you guys. I was looking at the Avid web site, it looks like they have the bearings I need. But the trouble is what are the sizes for the AX-10 trany, and axle? Do you guys know? I got my AX-10 used so I don't have a manual to see.
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Here's the manual.
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I can't remember the size, but if you take off one of your knuckles there is a small bearing and a big one. You need 6 of the big ones, and I'm thinking 14 of the smaller ones.
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